Pestbusters manufacture and supply a vast range of fly screen windows and doors for domestic and commercial use, such as restaurants, canteens, pubs, offices, schools and hotels.

All our fine mesh fly screens are manufactured and supplied to the highest standard. The aluminium frames have a durable coating that ensures long-lasting external use; together with easy clean down properties. A cost-effective way to keep out unwanted pests and comply with the relevant hygiene legislation.

Door fly screens can be used for the front of buildings or fire exits. Plastic strip curtains can be used for retaining heat or reducing noise levels.

Flyscreens can be fitted over many different types of windows and can be used to cover multiple opening windows.

Fly Control Services In Birmingham

The following are some measures, which may help discourage flies:

  • Don’t leave food lying around and uncovered.
  • Rubbish bins should have a tight-fitting lid and be cleaned regularly.
  • Do not store rubbish bins next to buildings.
  • In damp areas where flies are a problem – introduce better drainage.
  • For gaps in buildings introduce the appropriate screening.

Ways of controlling flies

  • Electric fly control units
  • Fly screening
  • Insecticides
  • Fly papers
  • Outside fly traps
  • Fly curtain doors
  • Regular cleaning & housekeeping

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