Insects are extremely successful as they colonise nearly all of the world. Britain has over 20,000 species of Insects. Their larvae may appear harmless but it can damage foodstuffs and fabrics, they can also sting people if handled or disturbed.

If you have a wasp / bee infestation then contact Pestbusters today as wasps / bees can create a serious danger to people in businesses or at home. Our team have extensive knowledge in wasp nest removal and pest control services Birmingham and the Midlands.

Insects can be an intolerable nuisance in large numbers and more often than not need to be eliminated quickly.

Examples of insects are:

  • Mites / Fleas
  • Cockroaches / Crickets
  • Wasps / Bees
  • Ants / Moths
  • Textile Pests / Stored Product Insects

Methods to control insects:

  • Insecticidal Sprays
  • Insect Baits
  • Insecticidal Dusts – Gels
  • Smoke Generators / Fogging
  • Insect Traps / Detectors
  • Fly Screening
  • Electric Fly Killers
  • Regular Cleaning / Housekeeping

Bed Bug Control Birmingham

At Pestbusters we provide a number of bed bug control services to our commercial and domestic clients throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands and surrounding areas. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the eradication and extermination of bed bugs and offer a wide range of services to hotels, holiday homes, and residential homes. Contact us today to find out more about our bed bug control services on 08000 35 1000 or through our online contact form.

If you are having problems with fleas, mites, wasps, ants, cockroaches, or stored product insects and textile pests, Pestbusters will eradicate your insect problem. Get in touch today if you require bed bug control, wasp nest removal, mouse control, or any of our other services such as Rodent Control, Bird Control, and Fly Control.

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