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Nobody wants to share their home with pests but knowing what to do at the first signs of a problem at your Solihull home will help to keep any infestation under control.

pest control trap

Whether you have had the shock of seeing a mouse scuttling across the kitchen floor, seen an alarming number of wasps buzzing around by the loft or have spotted tell-tale droppings, taking fast action will help to stop the problem getting out of hand.

Spotting the signs of a pest problem, Solihull

It is easy to be alarmed at the sight of an unwelcome insect or rodent in your home, but a one-off sighting is different to a pest problem. As cat owners will no doubt be all too aware, mice in particular can occasionally make an unwanted appearance without a further problem.

But if you see an unexplained mouse in your home more than once or are unfortunate enough to see a rat, it is time to make a call to a Solihull pest control such as Pest Busters.

It is very likely that with a little more investigation you will be able to identify a point of access and you might even notice droppings.

Large numbers of wasps or bees around your Solihull home could be a sign that you have a nest, and while these insects have an important part to play in nature, as a domestic pest they pose a risk of stinging.

Insects large and small can also be problematic domestic pests in Solihull including:

  • Carpet beetles
  • Silverfish
  • Cockroaches
  • Woodworm
  • Fruit flies

As with other pests the first time you know you have a problem is usually when you spot one of these or notice the damage they have caused.

Getting rid of domestic pests, Solihull

While thorough cleaning is a good way to help stop pests making their home in your house in the first place once they are there it may take a bit more to get rid of them.

Acting quickly will help you to reclaim your home swiftly but will also help to stop the problem worsening.

In cases of wasps and bees is it not advised to even attempt to tackle the problem yourself and you should always call in Solihull pest control experts as soon as you think there may be a nest on your property.

As soon as you become aware of a pest problem in your home contact a reputable Solihull pest control firm who will advise you on the best way to deal with the problem.

If your Solihull home has suffered a pest infestation contact Pest Busters for a friendly and helpful service.

bedbugs where do they come from

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bedbugs in birminghamBed bugs are the sort of pest that might not cross your mind unless you are travelling around the world, but rather than being a thing of the past bed bugs are actually increasing in the UK and becoming a real pest control problem.

While bed bugs were once a common pest problem in the UK, they had largely been eliminated from homes, but an increase in travel has seen a fairly rapid rise in reports of local infestations in Birmingham, Manchester, London, Bristol and across many parts of the UK.

How to spot a bed bug

bedbug bites in birminghamDespite their name, you can actually find bed bugs pretty much anywhere. It is common to find bed bugs on mattresses, bedding and furniture but they can also be found in fittings and personal items, such as suitcases and children’s toys.

However, it is their habit of feeding on the blood of people as they sleep that has earned them the name ‘bed bugs’. Seeing the human body as a food source they will take blood as people sleep in bed, leaving small bite marks where they have fed. 

As they can go up to 10 days without feeding, bed bugs will often not be found in the bed but in the surrounding area – which makes getting rid of them difficult. 

The most obvious sign that you may have a bed bugs infestation is the appearance of small red insect bites on your body. These can be quite numerous and itchy.

In addition to bites, you may see spots of blood or brown spots on the bed. 

Where do bedbugs come from?

bedbug infestation birmingham ukBed bugs are generally picked up when travelling, which is why the rise in travel has largely been blamed for the rise in bedbugs. Hotels and hostels are usually the places where people will pick up bedbugs then, unknowingly bring them home with them, either in their clothes or suitcase.

Although the risk extends to any public space where bedbugs may have become established, including public transport and even aeroplanes.

Insect Control – How to get rid of bedbugs

Once you have spotted the signs of a bedbug infestation the only sensible action is to seek help from a professional pest control service as they are so difficult to find and remove. 

You will also have to wash bedding and clothes on a high heat – or freeze them to kill any bedbugs. 

To minimise your chance of exposure, keep your sleeping area clean and tidy, while remembering to vacuum your mattresses reasonably regularly.

Always check your luggage on return from holiday and be careful when buying second-hand furniture.

If you experience a pest infestation at your home or office contact Pest Busters for free advice and a fast, reliable service.

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Pest Control Services Videos

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Well done Dave for raising over £3000 for Demensia Revolution

Our Chairman Dave Nash completed the London 2019 marathon in 6 hours and 20 minutes on Sunday. He entered the Marathon in memory of his Mom who passed away last year after a five year struggle with Dementia and Alzheimers. Dave has had great support from family, friends and businesses to raise over £3000 in aid of Demensia Revolution.

THANK YOU ALL for donating.


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wasps in loft

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The last thing any family wants is to find a wasps’ nest in their home – but if the telltale signs are there you need to investigate before the problem gets out of hand.

What are the signs of a wasps’ nest in your home?

The most obvious signal that you may have a wasps’ nest on your property is an increased number of wasps.

If you do spot wasps in a certain area of your home you will need to watch them closely to try to work out whereabouts in the house they are heading to. This should then direct you to the nest if there is one in your home.

When wasps have made a home in your loft you may spot wasps in the rooms underneath the loft, at the entrance to the loft and flying around the garden outside.

Obviously, it is impossible to be absolutely sure that there is a wasps’ nest in your home without actually locating it and seeing it for yourself.

In the loft, this can pose a few additional problems.

How to treat a wasps’ nest in your loft

If you suspect that the wasps in your house are as a result of a nest in your loft take great care when checking the area. The main problem with spotting wasps nests in a loft is a lack of natural light.

If you need to climb ladders to access your loft you will find yourself in close quarters with the pests so approach with caution and make sure you can leave the loft quickly if needed.

Wasps will be attracted to a light shining into the darkness so try to avoid using a torch to locate the nest. If there is a light in the loft turn this on then leave it for a few minutes to see if there is any reaction.

Wasps will behave aggressively around their nest and there is a high risk of getting stung. Wasp stings can trigger an allergic reaction so taking care not to get stung is incredibly important.

Call out pest control experts

Wasps nests have a distinctive paper-like appearance and in the loft will usually be found underneath the roof towards the edge of the loft. As soon as you spot a wasps’ nest in your loft the best advice is to contact a pest control expert who will be able to remove the nest safely.

If you continue to find large numbers of wasps in your home but are unable to locate a nest, it may be worth taking professional advice to double check the nest is not hidden from view.

Should you find a wasps’ nest in your home contact Pest Busters to take care of it for you.

Pest Control Birmingham

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Councils over the UK have been subjected to significant cuts to their annual budgets, with some councils reporting over 30% in budget cuts over the last five years. Pest control services have seen some of the largest budget cuts, with some councils completely removing any pest control services from the services that they offer. A freedom of information request by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) was undertaken, and the report showed that councils are simply not handling as many pest control issues, with some authorities seeing reductions by 22%.

Pest Control BirminghamThe report has also shown that only 7% of local authorities are still offering free of charge pest control services due to lack of resources and budget cuts, which does not assist residents in their time of need.


Council Pest Control Charges

Birmingham City Council pest control department currently offer a free of charge service for treating rat problems, but services for treating other pest problems do now carry a charge. Pest controllers advise that it isn’t just rodents that we should be worried about as a result of the council budget cuts. Pest populations such as bedbugs, wasps, ants and other creepy crawlies, appear to be on the rise within our homes and businesses, streets and parks. With local council pest control budgets being slashed across the country, we may have an epidemic on our hands when it comes to these unwanted guests.


Increasing Pest Problem in Birmingham City

Birmingham City, as many other large cities, is a large bustling hive of activity, with many homes, residential areas, shops and food outlets. This only increases the city’s pest problem, affecting public health and the running of daily life. With further budget cuts due in 2019, the costs of having Birmingham City Council visiting your property to remove those pesky pests, is going to become a very expensive service. Expensive, but required none the less.


Pest Control for the Council is Low Priority

Councils are looking at other ways to help local residents, with one solution being to outsource the work to private contractors themselves or pointing anyone with a pest control issue in the direction of a pest controller. With pest control a low priority for the councils and waiting lists of up to 12 weeks, the most practical solution is to locate a local pest controller who can eradicate the pests quickly and efficiently.


Directory of Pest Control Companies

Pest Control Birmingham CouncilThe BPCA have a website directory of all trusted pest control companies, from small, independent contractors, to large, UK wide companies with much of the work contracted back out to the smaller contractors.


What To Look For

So, what should you look for in a pest controller?

  • Does the company have adequate insurance to protect you against any damage to your property caused by any liquids, sprays, gases or tools that the pest controller will use?
  • Does the pest controller have a professional appearance with a van which shows their company name clearly?
  • Does the pest controller use any nasty chemicals or are there any non-chemical options?
  • Is there any guarantee from the pest control company and if so, is there any small print you need to read which may make the guarantee void?


Taking all of these things into consideration will all go towards your pest infestation being removed successfully, leaving you to enjoy your property pest free!


General Pest Control Facts (video)

Rodent Control by Pestbusters

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A golden rule to help keep your home free from pests is to keep it clean and spring, of course, is the perfect time for cleaning.

Spring cleaning is not just a good time to make sure everywhere is spic and span but is a good chance to look out or any potential signs of pest problems or to identify danger spots.

Bug Spray

Many bugs that become household pests thrive in damp, dark conditions, which make the kitchen and bathroom a spring cleaning priority.

A food supply is another big enticement for unwelcome household pests of all shapes and sizes from ants and spiders to rats, so clearing up crumbs that may have got trapped should also be dealt with as soon as possible.

Spring cleaning tips to target domestic pests

The kitchen – While it is impossible to check behind fixed kitchen cabinets, make sure you pull out all non-integrated kitchen appliance and clean thoroughly behind them.

Washing machines – these can often have food and damp underneath as a result of wet clothes being frequently taken out and debris falling from surrounding work tops. Pull them out and brush and mop thoroughly.

Kitchen and bathroom sinks deserve specific attention and it is worth clearing all the contents out from attached cupboards, cleaning the surfaces and double checking for any signs of bugs or droppings.

In clothes storage areas such as the bedroom, clean out the base of the wardrobe and check that any clothes stored underneath the bed are well covered. Check for any signs of carpet beetles that thrive on fabrics, such as eggs, miniscule bugs or droppings. Vacuum thoroughly.

Dining areas – Wherever the family sits to eat, double check that you have thoroughly cleaned the crevices next to skirting boards and cracks on tables and chairs to clear out any food debris as this could attract pests.

The loft – It may not be an obvious part of spring cleaning and perhaps ‘out of sight, out of mind’ may well suit you with the task of cleaning the entire house but this a good time to check for signs of pests. Wasps do make their nests in lofts while birds and bats can also make their home in the upper reaches of your house.

A thorough spring clean will set you up well to keep domestic pests at bay through regular hovering and tidying and is a good way to give yourself peace of mind that your home is pest–free.

If you discover the signs of a pest infestation when spring cleaning make sure you seek professional help. Pest Busters can offer effective solutions for dealing with all household pests safely.

To book an appointment or talk to a member of staff contact Pest Busters.



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Quips about old clothes looking moth-eaten are plentiful – but if you are unlucky to have suffered a moth infestation in your home you will know it is not a laughing matter.

And unfortunately, it is not just old clothes that moths – or more specifically their larvae – will devour, new clothes, carpets and even pet fur are all on the menu!

With such a penchant for fabrics the potential for damage in your home is high if moths decide to make it their home too – after all one hole is enough to ruin your favourite cashmere jumper.

How to avoid moths coming into your home

Moths are attracted to the light, even though they prefer to hide out and make their homes in dark spaces.

Try to avoid leaving windows open while the lights are on at night-time as this will serve as an open invitation to moths.

While moths may have come into your home un-noticed making sure you regularly clean areas they will typically make their home will help to keep any larvae at bay.

Vacuuming under beds and sofas regularly will disturb any eggs that may have been laid, while storing clothes in sealed units will stop moths getting access and making their home there in the first place.

Be particularly careful when hanging up your summer or winter clothes for months on end as it is leaving clothes undisturbed for long periods of time that allows moths to thrive.

Seek pest control advice in the case of an infestation

Most importantly though when putting clothes away make sure that they are clean as it is the oils and sweat in clothes that attracts the moths!

Spotting the odd moth flying in should not be a cause for concern as it is the larvae that damage the clothes due to the fact that fully developed moths do not have mouths.

Larvae will only start munching through your fabrics if they are given chance to hatch so look out for the tiny eggs if you suspect you may have a problem.

Moths can spread quite quickly and due to the damage that they could cause to your belongings it is wise to take expert pest control advice in the event of suffering an infestation.

While home remedies and treatments may help with a fledgling problem an established problem may well need professional treatment.

For more advice on domestic pest control get in touch online with Pest Busters or call the team on freephone 08000 35 1000.

Pest Busters (Birmingham)

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Job Description and Duties

  • Report to the Office Manager on a daily basis. 
  • A strong knowledge of Excel and the ability to produce, amend and populate Excelspreadsheets.
  • Help to answer the phones in the office and deal with the incoming sales enquiries.
  • Record the information of the relevant excel enquiry log and distribute to the relevant Surveyor.
  • Keep accurate records of all sales information.
  • Keep in regular contact with the sales team for updates on leads, terminated contracts, and potential new business.
  • Update the office sales board with sales figures and leads and produce a weekly email to send to all staff with updates.
  • Ensure all paperwork is submitted with the relevant purchase orders and has been correctly signed to ensure we receive payment.
  • Attend monthly Sales Meetings and take minutes which will need to be distributed to all in attendance.
  • Record actions from these meetings and ensure they are carried out correctly and within the set timescales.
  • Keep accurate records of sales and record commissions for each member of the sales staff on a daily basis.
  • At month end produce their sales commission sheets. This will apply to the Technician leads also.
  • Record all sales quotations and follow these up.
  • Record all information from website leads and pass out to the appropriate Surveyor.
  • Provide review documentation as and when required for Sales Pipelines, KPI’s etc.
  • To assist in other areas of the business if and when required.
  • Have a good knowledge of Sage 50c.
  • Produce Leads Newsletters from the leads submitted from Technicians and liaise with the Service Manager with regards to incentives.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work to deadlines with confidence.
  • This is a full-time position and the salary is dependent on experience.
Pest and Insect Control

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We love to shut the cold out over the winter months and snuggle up inside – unfortunately we are not the only ones.

Some bugs are also not fond of plummeting outside temperatures and the rain so seek shelter from the elements by moving indoors.

There is, of course, also the lure of light as anyone who has left a window open and the light on in summer will know – some bugs can’t resist artificial light.

With the darker months of winter, household lights are on for longer and continue to be an attraction for an assortment of winged insects and creepy crawlies.

What pests come indoors over winter?

Spiders: While it can seem like there is no part of the year that spiders do not lurk in the corners of your home, autumn and winter is certainly worse. Spiders love crawling inside to find a lovely warm spot to make their home and to meet a companion.

Rats: Ever the opportunists, rats are always on the lookout for easy to find food and the cold weather is very likely to have them searching for a warm spot to shelter nearby.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches prefer warmer environments, so while it is unlikely you will spot one outside in the winter do be mindful that they can still thrive indoors.

Mice: Like rats, mice will love to find a nice warm spot to call home over the cold months – especially if there is a food supply at hand.

Cluster flies: Yet another pest that will come indoors while looking for a warm base over the winter months. Cluster flies will take shelter in lofts and roofs – anywhere that they hope they will not be disturbed. The main problem is that they tend to move in large numbers.

Silverfish: Like earwigs and woodlice, silverfish are attracted to warm, damp conditions and will thrive in the home year-round. If the damp in your home increases with the cold it is worth keeping an eye out for pests.

To avoid unwanted pests making their home in your house over the winter months make sure to keep doors and windows closed when possible. Also check the seals are intact and mend any cracks.

Finally, as always when it comes to pests, always make sure food is cleared away and stored securely.

For help on dealing with an insect or rodent infestation please contact Pest Busters.


Pest Busters (Birmingham)

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Pest Control birmingham

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This course approved by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) Training and Certification Working Group is designed to help people plan and carry out rat and mouse control. It is intended to provide a full working knowledge of both preventive and curative methods to be able to plan, implement and monitor a control programme that is appropriate to the situation, assessing and using the most efficient and safe methods and with due regard to the environment.

This course provides an opportunity to gain an industry recognised certificate that will be a requirement for users from 1 June 2016.

It is the responsibility of anyone carrying out rodent control to be familiar with the relevant legislation concerning the humane and effective management of rat and mouse problems. Whilst guidance is given during the course on the main legislation and its relevance to rodent control, it is essential that those engaged in pest control should keep up to date with changes in that may affect pests or pest control.

For more information please download our prospectus here

The one day course is £85.00 plus vat per candidate, to include a buffet lunch and a course certificate.

Held at our Head Office Highfield Farm, Middle Lane, Kings Norton B38 0DX

If interested please email

Pest Busters (Birmingham)

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