Spring clean to help keep your home pest-free

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Rodent Control by Pestbusters

A golden rule to help keep your home free from pests is to keep it clean and spring, of course, is the perfect time for cleaning. Spring cleaning is not just a good time to make sure everywhere is spic and span but is a good chance to look out or any potential signs of… Read more »

Don’t let moths take a bite out of your fabrics

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Quips about old clothes looking moth-eaten are plentiful – but if you are unlucky to have suffered a moth infestation in your home you will know it is not a laughing matter. And unfortunately, it is not just old clothes that moths – or more specifically their larvae – will devour, new clothes, carpets and… Read more »

We are hiring – Sales Administrator

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Job Description and Duties Report to the Office Manager on a daily basis.  A strong knowledge of Excel and the ability to produce, amend and populate Excelspreadsheets. Help to answer the phones in the office and deal with the incoming sales enquiries. Record the information of the relevant excel enquiry log and distribute to the… Read more »

What pests come in with the cold?

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Pest and Insect Control

We love to shut the cold out over the winter months and snuggle up inside – unfortunately we are not the only ones. Some bugs are also not fond of plummeting outside temperatures and the rain so seek shelter from the elements by moving indoors. There is, of course, also the lure of light as… Read more »