It’s spider time! What to do about autumn’s unwanted household pests

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The beginning of autumn is a fantastic time to enjoying snuggling up inside – unfortunately, spiders have the same idea, which makes this time of year peak spider-spotting territory. A recent survey, which asked people across the country to record the time and date they saw spiders in their house has pinpointed evenings in September… Read more »

Does hot weather really attract more rats?

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While the UK sizzled in this summer’s heatwave there was some speculation that the country would be plagued by rats as a result. So is that the case? Does hot weather spell rat infestations? Not surprisingly a short spell of hot weather is not suddenly going to lead to a sudden, dramatic surge in the… Read more »

Why are horse fly bites dangerous?

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Of all the insects that can cause us to be on high alert for fear of getting bitten the horse fly continually creeps up the scale. And it’s not without good reason, as many people unfortunate enough to have suffered a horse fly bite can tell you. What is a horse fly? Horse flies are… Read more »

What do I do if my neighbour has a pest problem?

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Good neighbours can make all the difference when it comes to a happy home – but what if your neighbours are pests? Yes we mean real pests –what if sitting on the other side of the garden fence is a colony of rats, a wasp’s nest or an out of control insect infestation? Obviously if… Read more »

New year, new start – tips for a cleaner home

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Many household pests are attracted by dirt – more specifically food waste – so a good way to keep bugs at bay is by blitzing the house with a new year super clean. While most people don’t relish the thought of cleaning the house, it is essential to maintain a certain standard of living. The… Read more »

Carpet beetles and what you need to be aware of

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Carpet beetles – they sounds like pretty serious invaders, but if you are picturing substantial shiny black visitors think again. Measuring just 3mm – these textile-loving insects are miniscule and coloured white and black. On account of their tiny stature, they are also incredibly difficult to spot. Should you be unlucky enough to suffer an… Read more »

How to spot a woodworm infestation

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Make no mistake about woodworm, it is a pest – and you will certainly know they’ve been making themselves at home thanks to their destructive nature. Woodworm are actually beetle larvae, and as they make their way towards becoming a fully-fledged beetle they spend a lot of time munching through wooden structures. Seemingly attracted to… Read more »

Don’t let fruit flies make their home in your kitchen

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The fruit fly – it spreads its wings far and wide inhabiting all the continents of the world, being a pest wherever it goes. The big problem with fruit flies is their astounding capability to infest buildings – be it a home, restaurant or business. Almost microscopic at 3mm long, fruit flies are drawn to… Read more »