Birmingham pest control binsUnwanted critters can be a real problem if they make their home in your property but following a few simple rules can help to establish efficient pest control in Birmingham.

Keep bins secure

Rubbish bins invariably contain lots of discarded food, including meat. Sealed with a lid this should be no problem in regard to pest control in Birmingham. However open and overflowing bins outside your home will act as an open invitation to rodents looking for a warm, sheltered home with a ready supply of food.

Monitor compost

Compost is an economical and environmentally-friendly way to deal with food waste. Managed carefully this is an excellent way to feed your garden. However to make sure rodents don’t make their home in your compost ensure the unit is secure and food scraps are not dropped on the floor nearby.

Be careful feeding birds

Pest control in Birmingham is familiar with urban problems that can encourage rodents – and one that people may underestimate is birdfeed being knocked to the ground as easy pickings. People also need to be careful what food they put out – avoid cooked food and use bird feeders that are designed to contain the food.

Seal up cracks

pest control birmingham preventionCracks in the fabric of your house can present creepy crawlies and even rodents with an easy way into your home. Once a year carry out a visual check to make sure your home is in good repair.

Look out for damp

Certain insects thrive in damp conditions so when considering pest control in Birmingham make sure that you don’t have any unnecessary areas of damp in your home, such as under sinks, in kitchen cupboards or in corners.

Vacuum regularly

A good vacuum cleaner is an important tool in pest control in Birmingham. Regularly vacuuming your home will help to remove any bugs that may have found their way in as well as their eggs.

Clear up crumbs

Always take the time to clear up food crumbs as these provide an easy food source that can attract pests to your Birmingham home.

Check windows and doors

Just as fixing cracks in the fabric of your home is important to pest control in Birmingham so is checking that doors and windows close properly and that the seals are intact. Any gaps could become a vulnerable point.

Keep outdoor areas tidy

Piles of leaves by the back door, un-cleared garden clippings and neglected garden areas can become havens for bugs and rodents when considering pest control in Birmingham.

Call in the pest control experts

The most important point to remember is to call in expert pest control help in Birmingham at the first sign of a problem to stop it from escalating any further.

For pest control in Birmingham get in touch with Pest Busters.


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