Summer; the perfect season to enjoy ice creams, sticky toffee treats and homemade burgers, but while these delights are the perfect addition to your day, they also attract unwanted visitors in the form of insects, specifically wasps and ants. If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in the amount of ants scurrying around your paving area, with some of them creeping indoors, then we at Pestbusters can help with insect control service throughout the Midlands.

Ants tend to colonise in the most inconvenient of places, and whether they are outdoors in force threatening the safety of your young children or they have crept through a crevice and made their home in yours – we can help. Insects are very important to our ecosystem, but it doesn’t mean they should impinge on our enjoyment and standard of living. So if your summer has been ruined by these pesky pests – give us a call.

We specialise in removing unwanted pests and rodents and have an assortment of methods up our sleeve to rid your home of these little critters.

Insect Control Methods

–    Insecticidal Sprays
–    Insect Baits
–    Insecticidal Dusts & Gels
–    Smoke Generators/Fogging
–    Insect Traps/Detectors
–    Fly Screening
–    Electric Fly Killers
–    Regular Cleaning/Housekeeping

In addition to eradicating an angry nest of ants, we can also remove the following insects from your home;

–    Moths
–    Wasps & Bees
–    Mites & Fleas
–    Cockroaches & Crickets
–    Textile Pests

You shouldn’t have to share your home or garden with unwanted pests, and if you’re playing ground is plagued by insects that prevent you from enjoying your garden or living in your home, then you should get in touch with us here at Pestbusters. We will do everything in our power to help you regain your home and garden, and let you enjoy the summer and all the additional little treats and foods which accompany it.
For more information call us today on 0800 035 10 00.