They’re everywhere at this time of year – as soon as you open a door to bring a bit of cool air into a stuffy kitchen there shortly follows that familiar buzz. We’re talking about flies of course.


If you run a professional catering establishment flies can be the bane of your life at this time of year. There is little that puts potential café customers off adding a delicious blueberry muffin to go with their coffee than the sight of a fly (or two) climbing all over the display.

Flies manage to get behind refrigerated glass displays, onto tables, and into the kitchen. Moving swiftly it is incredibly difficult to chase a fly out once it has decided to venture indoors.

Why are flies a pest?

Obviously, flies are a part of our natural world and play their part in the ecological system, but when they set up camp in a kitchen or café they become a problem.

Due to the huge amount of bacteria they carry around flies can pose a serious risk to health if they land on food. Landing on anything and everything, flies can pick up dangerous bacteria from faeces, rotten food and rubbish.

They then bring this bacteria with them into your catering establishment – and will transfer this to any food or surfaces they land on.

Diseases that usually affect the stomach are frequently associated with flies including salmonella, E. coli and Shigellosis. Food poisoning is the last thing any business wants to be accused of passing on so it is important to make sure food areas are protected from flies.

What can you do to protect your kitchen from flies?

The best solution to the problem of pest flies is to keep them out in the first place. A number of fly deterrent solutions are available to help keep pest flies at bay.

Fly screens that meet food hygiene standards can be fitted to doors and windows to help keep flies out while electric fly control units and fly papers can be used as an added precaution inside.

An outdoor flytrap or the use of insecticides are other options that businesses may want to explore to target pest flies.

It is also important to keep catering areas clean and tidy – make sure food is covered and cleaned away, bins are secure and that any drainage problems are dealt with.

Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, café or school canteen fly pest solutions are important to maintaining standards.

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