Dealing with bugs can become the bane of your life if you are unlucky enough to suffer an insect infestation at your home.

As with every problem in life, prevention is better than cure so taking a few steps to boost your insect security could help to stop any little critters in their tracks.

Introducing insect control measures to your home

Thankfully, most insect control is easy to check or put in place and will also help to keep any other unwanted visitors at bay.

Most insect control is underpinned by good household hygiene practices so make these tasks a priority if you are worried about bugs.

Most pests, whether rodents or insects, are looking for the same thing – shelter and food.

Those dark nooks and crannies in your home are the ideal place to hide out while stealing leftover biscuit crumbs from the kitchen floor.

Insect control: what steps to take

Seal up gaps and cracks – Insects and even rats and mice can get through almost impossibly small places so carry out a quick check around your home to look for any gaps and cracks on the outside walls especially. Are your windows a bit draughty? It could be worth carrying out a spot of DIY to seal any gaps. Ill-fitting doors, broken brickwork and gaps in the interior walls left when jobs have been carried out all need addressing.

While there is no fool proof way to make your house pest proof, this basic insect control measure should help.

Keep floors and surfaces clear of food – This can be harder than you may think if you have children in the house, but sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor after mealtimes and wipe surfaces down to minimise rich pickings for opportunist bugs.

Tackle damp – Damp is an attraction to bugs such as cockroaches, silverfish and earwigs – it is also problematic for the home environment. Tackling damp as an insect control measure will have more than one benefit.

Cover stored clothes and bedding – Material items stored out of sight could provide the perfect home for some critters, especially carpet beetles and moths. To avoid this also pack away clothes and bedding in secure, sealed storage.

Rubbish and compost – taking good care of your rubbish and compost is an essential part of pest and insect control. Always make sure bins have good fitting lids and that they are not overflowing. Keep compost and piles of leaves well away from back doors and windows to help prevent any pest control issues.

Food storage – Make sure your food is stored well, especially flours that can sometimes contain weevils and flour beetles. These can spread if flour is in paper bags so consider using glass storage jars instead.

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