Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy our homes – they’re not too hot as they usually are in the summer, but they’re also not freezing cold where you need to blast the heating all day. It’s a perfect temperature to enjoy the season – but it’s also perfect for pests too!

A drop in temperature means all those pesky insects are looking for a snuggly warm place to cosy up in – and the nearest place is your home! We’ve provided some top tips to keep pests out this autumn.


#1. Cover open areas

Attics, vents, and chimneys are perfect welcome mats for rodents and insects. Cover these with mesh well before the summer and ensure they’re clean, intact, and free from any debris for the cooler months.

#2. Seal up crevices and holes

If you’ve got a crack or hole in your foundations or walls, now’s the time to get these fixed – pronto. Not only can pests easily enter your home through these cracks, it’ll make your home draughty too!

#3. Clear your garden and home

Weed your garden and ensure any loose clippings and waste is disposed of promptly and correctly – anything nice and shady (especially if there’s a few food crumbs involved) is a beacon for pests, and you can ensure you don’t attract them by keeping your garden and home clear of waste and debris.

#4. Call the professionals

Don’t take on a wasp nest, mice infestation, or woodworm by yourself – the problem could get worse, and can cause even more issues for you. Wasps can cause serious injury if their nest is disturbed, whereas woodworm and mice can affect your home, chewing through floorboards, walls, and wires. Call the professionals, who’ll help clear your home and garden of creatures in a safe and efficient manner.

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