Once the cold weather starts to creep in we start to see a rise in home pest infestations. This is simply because pests such as rats and mice like their home comforts and they want to retreat to somewhere warm. Unfortunately this could mean your house unless you guard against it.

Winter is a particularly prone to mice and rat infestations and if they are not dealt with they can cause damage to wiring, woodwork, furniture, clothing etc. Not only that, they could also present a health problem if they get into your food cupboards.

So, with this in mind, it pays to take a few practical measures to ensure that your home is protected against pests this winter.

Tips to prevent winter pest problem

  1. Seal up cracks and holes in outside walls to stop pests from entering.
  2. Check for holes and gaps around windows and doors – mice can enter very tiny spaces so if you spot any gaps then get them sealed.
  3. Don’t leave food out and make sure your bins are well covered.
  4. Avoid storing wood logs near to your property – this is like real estate for mice so you’ve been warned!
  5. Screen vents and openings

If you are vigilant with the above you can also stop many of the insects which will start to invade your home during the winter months.

However, if rats or mice have already invaded your home it’s time to call in the professionals. At Pestbusters we have dealt with numerous rat and mice infestations so you can be rest assured that we can help. Contact us now if you need our assistance.