If you attended the Food & Drink Expo 2012 between the 23rd and 25th of March, you will know that the NEC Birmingham became a celebration of mouth-watering food and drink and was bursting with fresh ideas and delectable delights to feast your eyes and taste buds upon. Why then are we, PestBusters – pest control West Midlands specialists, talking about the event? As the only way this delicious food and drink can be kept fresh and edible is by keeping pests at bay and completely out of the equation.

Our successful stand was placed at the heart of the Food & Drink Expo 2012 and exhibited to attendees that our pest control wasn’t simply about an exterminator that enters your premises to place traps or rid of pests right away, but also about products that you can implement inside or outside your property and in food preparation areas to keep pests at bay and away from your prized cooking materials.

The Food & Drink Expo 2012 saw us exhibit some of our main available products which included:

–    Fly Screen Doors: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these aluminium white or brown doors will keep out most insects, which is essential in a restaurant or food preparation environment.

–    Subterranean Bait Station: Another way to stamp out the problem is with this discreet bait station that can be placed almost anywhere.

–    Metal Bait Station: Rodents are major problems for catering companies and this market leader can be highly effective.

–    Plastic Bait Station: Inside or outside, this cost effective bait station can keep your premises fresh and clean.

–    Cobra Electronic Fly Killer Unit: You will most likely already own one of these but it could be costing you the earth. With a 70% reduction in energy consumption/carbon usage, this is the choice.

The Food Expo also saw us exhibit how we can take things a step further and tackle dangerous or persistent pests with our proactive pest control West Midlands. Rest assured though, if you didn’t go to the Expo, all you need to do is call 08000 35 1000.