Quips about old clothes looking moth-eaten are plentiful – but if you are unlucky to have suffered a moth infestation in your home you will know it is not a laughing matter.

And unfortunately, it is not just old clothes that moths – or more specifically their larvae – will devour, new clothes, carpets and even pet fur are all on the menu!

With such a penchant for fabrics the potential for damage in your home is high if moths decide to make it their home too – after all one hole is enough to ruin your favourite cashmere jumper.

How to avoid moths coming into your homemoths

Moths are attracted to the light, even though they prefer to hide out and make their homes in dark spaces.

Try to avoid leaving windows open while the lights are on at night-time as this will serve as an open invitation to moths.

While moths may have come into your home un-noticed making sure you regularly clean areas they will typically make their home will help to keep any larvae at bay.

Vacuuming under beds and sofas regularly will disturb any eggs that may have been laid, while storing clothes in sealed units will stop moths getting access and making their home there in the first place.

Be particularly careful when hanging up your summer or winter clothes for months on end as it is leaving clothes undisturbed for long periods of time that allows moths to thrive.

Seek pest control advice in the case of an infestation

Most importantly though when putting clothes away make sure that they are clean as it is the oils and sweat in clothes that attracts the moths!

Spotting the odd moth flying in should not be a cause for concern as it is the larvae that damage the clothes due to the fact that fully developed moths do not have mouths.

Larvae will only start munching through your fabrics if they are given chance to hatch so look out for the tiny eggs if you suspect you may have a problem.

Moths can spread quite quickly and due to the damage that they could cause to your belongings it is wise to take expert pest control advice in the event of suffering an infestation.

While home remedies and treatments may help with a fledgling problem an established problem may well need professional treatment.

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