Pest control tends to be a year-round requirement and just because the winter is here and the cold weather is kicking in, it doesn’t mean that pests are not there. On the contrary, winter can be a very busy time for commercial pest control.Pest Control Services

Typically the types of pest problems you see in winter include;

Rats And Mice – to escape the cold and wet weather, rats and mice will seek shelter to keep warm. This shelter could be your shed or they may even enter your home if there are spaces they can get into. Once in the home they can cause damage to floor boards, skirting boards and wiring, not to mention raiding your food cupboards.

Pigeons – once again to escape the cold, pigeons will seek roosting spots in roof-spaces and buildings. Pigeons are prolific breeders and once settled, they can be difficult to move.

Cluster Flies – these often enter attic spaces to hibernate and sometimes unseasonal warm weather will wake them from their slumber and cause them to congregate in their hundreds, usually around windows.

Moles And Rabbits – these are more prevalent in rural and semi-rural locations and they can cause havoc with lawns, golf courses, plants, gardens, and vegetable plots.

Fleas – pets can often bring fleas into the home and as the heating gets turned up in your property they start to awaken and infest.

If you are currently experiencing a pest problem and need advice on how to deal with it then please get in touch. We are available for all the seasons!