Fair weather fiends or winter woes? How the weather might affect your need for Pest Services in Birmingham 

There are times in the year when the threat of been invaded by bugs seems so ever-present it can leave us wishing for a change in the weather.  

Pest control services in Birmingham are in demand throughout the year but seasonal changes can dictate, which unwanted visitors are making their way indoors.  

Not surprisingly the weather has a major impact on insects and rodents that we hope would make their home outdoors rather than in the dark corners of our home or business.  

How do the seasons affect pest services in Birmingham? 

Pest services in BirminghamAt any point in the year there is a chance you could find a pest in your home and need pest services in Birmingham but different weather brings different visitors.  


The heat is a magnet for many insects and you travels further afield will have no doubt revealed how some larger insects thrive in the sunshine. Thanks to the Great British climate cockroaches and mosquitoes are far less prevalent in this country.  

Even the milder summers we experience can lead to calls for pest services in Birmingham to deal with invading swarms of bugs buoyed buythe warmer weather.  

In particular: 

  • Wasps  
  • Bees 
  • Fruit flies  
  • Ants 

Summer is the prime time for wasps and bees to be building their nests, meaning you could need the help of pest services in Birmingham if they choose to set up home in or around your house.  

It’s not only wasps and bees that get active in the summer months though, the warm weather is responsible for increasing energy levels and the activity of a host of flies and creepy crawlies.  

As they move around more, it is possible that they may venture into your home.  

The heat also has an impact on how quickly food decays, with the lure of rotting fruit providing a perfect environment for fruit flies to flourish. The same problem can also see an increase on rats and other rodents sniffing out an easy food source.  

Ahead of the hot weather spring is the time to get on top of pest deterrents and make sure you home is equipped to fend off any ant invasions. It is also, of course, the time for a spot of spring cleaning, which offers the perfect chance to sweep through the house looking for any signs of pests – or places they might like to hide.  


As opposed to the summer giving insects a burst of energy, the cold of winter is likely to bring pests inside as they search for a place to enjoy the warmth and free food.  

Rodents in particular will try to find a way indoors as they seek shelter from the elements. Just remember rodents can very quickly become a problematic infestation so get in touch with pest services in Birmingham at the first signs of an unwanted pest.  

The autumn months are the ideal time to check that your home is as pest-proofed as possible. Look for cracks and gaps in exterior walls and doors and ill-fitting windows. Autumn is also a notoriously busy time for the spider population so keep an eye out for eight-legged visitors lurking in the corners.  

If you are concerned about an insect infestation or think you may have a rodent in your home call pest services in Birmingham straight way. 

Pest Busters offers a friendly and professional service to deal with pests in domestic and commercial settings. To arrange visit get on touch. 

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