Spring has finally arrived. If you are like most people then you probably enjoy this season, but you should be aware that spring can sometimes be a pain because this is the period when many pests become very active!

In light of this, spring is the perfect time to take some measures to eliminate insects and prevent their occurrence. You should always take actions whenever you notice even one pest because you definitely don’t want to deal with an infestation later. Prevention is always better than cure, so start doing this today and protect your property from infestation.


First of all, ants start to emerge in the spring in large numbers. As we have already mentioned, it is better to spot them earlier and prevent their spreading. Luckily, ants are not that small and you can easily detect them. Another thing about ants is that the fact that they can be eliminated quickly and with the help of some traditional methods used against pests, you can soon bring an ant problem under control.

Although there are some homes that are never visited by ants, we can’t say this about flies. These annoying pests appear literally everywhere. Once the weather becomes warmer they will become very active and while it is true that they can’t be completely eliminated, it is also true that they can be controlled. If you clean your home regularly and keep food stored appropriately, flies will probably look for another place to thrive.

Spring is the period of the year when another common urban pest is activated – cockroaches. If you clean the home on a regular basis you should be able to prevent their emergence. Mopping the floors and using the vacuum cleaner to get rid of leftovers is always a good idea. They are fond of living under cupboards and cookers and where the trash is kept. They particularly like greasy areas so having a good cleaning routine in your kitchen is a must.

If you are experiencing a pest infestation and need professional advice about the best way to deal with the problem, please contact us now.