Keeping garden pests out of your home The cooler months are upon us but it is not just your family that will be seeking shelter and warmth inside this winter, pests will also have their eyes on your Birmingham home.

A warm place to live, food to snack on and shelter from the rain – sounds appealing, well it certainly is for some common Birmingham pests!

Most domestic pests are domestic pests for a reason; they prefer to live inside than outside when the opportunity arises.

Have you given any thought to the number of spiders you have returned to the wilds of the garden only to discover another one twice the size nestled happily behind the sofa?

And while many of the pests you are likely to find in your Birmingham home are not dangerous, wanting to share your home with them is another issue.

Avoiding pests in your Birmingham home

So what should you do to avoid the seasonal deluge of creepy crawlies? Prevention is always better than cause and the start of autumn is a great time to get your house in order.

The place to start is to block the way in for pests. Check for cracks or holes in the wall, damaged window seals and ill-fitting doors.

Tackling these issues might even help to keep out drafts while also keeping out pests in Birmingham.

While focusing on the outside of the house also take time to consider if anything could be a potential problem for pests such as piles of leaves or compost situated near to the house.

Good food hygiene is another important consideration in keeping pests out of your Birmingham home. Crumbs in the kitchen and under the dining room table are an easy source of food for hungry insects and rodents, while it is important to check that bin lids and compost containers are secure.

Bird tables are another source of food for Birmingham pests such as rats, so be wary of overloading your table and use food specifically designed for birds in feeders.

Birmingham pest control support

While many Birmingham pests are seeking shelter from the wet weather some thrive in damp conditions so tackling areas of damp should be another priority. Woodlice, centipedes, silverfish and cockroaches are all partial to the damp so invest in bringing any problems with damp under control.

Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a problem with a pest infestation in Birmingham whether that is silverfish, woodworm or rats call in pest control support as quickly as possible.

Pest Busters is a Birmingham pest control service that offers a friendly, efficient and helpful service. If you have any concerns about pest control get in touch to find out how we can help.


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