A golden rule to help keep your home free from pests is to keep it clean and spring, of course, is the perfect time for cleaning.

Spring cleaning is not just a good time to make sure everywhere is spic and span but is a good chance to look out or any potential signs of pest problems or to identify danger spots.

Bug Spray

Many bugs that become household pests thrive in damp, dark conditions, which make the kitchen and bathroom a spring cleaning priority.

A food supply is another big enticement for unwelcome household pests of all shapes and sizes from ants and spiders to rats, so clearing up crumbs that may have got trapped should also be dealt with as soon as possible.

Spring cleaning tips to target domestic pests

The kitchen – While it is impossible to check behind fixed kitchen cabinets, make sure you pull out all non-integrated kitchen appliance and clean thoroughly behind them.

Washing machines – these can often have food and damp underneath as a result of wet clothes being frequently taken out and debris falling from surrounding work tops. Pull them out and brush and mop thoroughly.

Kitchen and bathroom sinks deserve specific attention and it is worth clearing all the contents out from attached cupboards, cleaning the surfaces and double checking for any signs of bugs or droppings.

In clothes storage areas such as the bedroom, clean out the base of the wardrobe and check that any clothes stored underneath the bed are well covered. Check for any signs of carpet beetles that thrive on fabrics, such as eggs, miniscule bugs or droppings. Vacuum thoroughly.

Dining areas – Wherever the family sits to eat, double check that you have thoroughly cleaned the crevices next to skirting boards and cracks on tables and chairs to clear out any food debris as this could attract pests.

The loft – It may not be an obvious part of spring cleaning and perhaps ‘out of sight, out of mind’ may well suit you with the task of cleaning the entire house but this a good time to check for signs of pests. Wasps do make their nests in lofts while birds and bats can also make their home in the upper reaches of your house.

A thorough spring clean will set you up well to keep domestic pests at bay through regular hovering and tidying and is a good way to give yourself peace of mind that your home is pest–free.

If you discover the signs of a pest infestation when spring cleaning make sure you seek professional help. Pest Busters can offer effective solutions for dealing with all household pests safely.

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