The recent mice infestation at Burger King in the Birmingham Bull Ring is a great example of how mice, if given the opportunity, will take full advantage of food scraps and gather in large numbers.

Environmental health officers from Birmingham City Council discovered the infestation and the restaurant was forced to temporarily close whilst they dealt with the issue.mice infestation
Rat and Mice infestations in shopping centres are not uncommon, especially at food establishments that have been less than hygienic in their operations. Shopping centres can potentially provide warmth, shelter and a ready supply of food and that’s what makes them so popular with rodents.

Back in 2010, the Indoor Market in the Birmingham Bull Ring had problems with a mice and cockroach infestation which caused all of the 140 stalls to temporarily shut down. Suffice to say, pest infestations are very bad for business.

Act Swiftly To Eradicate Pest Problems

If you have a pest infestation at your business and it becomes common knowledge then it can have a serious impact on your reputation, how you are perceived and ultimately lose you business and good will with your customers. That is why it is crucial to act quickly if you are experiencing pest problems and do what you can to prevent them in the first place.

At Pestbusters we have many years experience in helping businesses eradicate pest problems from their buildings and advising on how problems can be avoided in the future. If you think that you may have a pest problem at your premises and need professional advice on how best to deal with it then please contact us now.