When it comes to pests invading your home or residence, what you want more than anything is a quick, permanent and affordable fix to, not only remove the pests, but eliminate any possibility of them making a return visit.

With this in mind, we, here at PestBusters, strive to maintain our reputation as the first port of call for many when it comes to pest control services. As part of the well-established Busters Group, we are dedicated to not only providing the most effective and efficient pest control service around, but implement specific and sophisticated procedures to ensure the long term protection of your property.

As specialists in rodent, insect and bird control, we operate throughout Birmingham and the surrounding Midlands areas. From domestic protection to commercial infestation, we are able to offer a discreet and responsive service that is tailored to your pest control needs.

But What Can You Do To Prevent Pests Residing In Your Residence?

1. Keep Things Tidy

Many pests are scavengers and can smell food and seek out warmth from a great distance away. So make sure your residence is regularly cleaned, dusted and vacuumed to reduce the risk of pests. Wipe surfaces, put food away and ensure that rubbish and waste is disposed of properly and hygienically.

2. Fix, Block and Repair

We focus our services on ensuring pests do not have easy access to your home and offices. Ensure that the exterior condition of your property is maintained, making sure there are no cracks, gaps or holes for any unwanted visitors. Mice can enter an opening the diameter of a pencil, so don’t take the risk and properly seal any crevices and cracks.

3. Trim Surrounding Shrubs

Many insects and vermin can enter your residence through overhanging branches from surrounding trees or shrubs. Cut and trim these back so they are not in contact or in close proximity of your windows and exterior walls. Regular garden maintenance can also help your cause.

As well as implementing these tips, be sure to acquire our professional and established pest control services. Call us today on 08000 35 1000 and see how we can help you.