We love to shut the cold out over the winter months and snuggle up inside – unfortunately we are not the only ones.

Some bugs are also not fond of plummeting outside temperatures and the rain so seek shelter from the elements by moving indoors.

There is, of course, also the lure of light as anyone who has left a window open and the light on in summer will know – some bugs can’t resist artificial light.

With the darker months of winter, household lights are on for longer and continue to be an attraction for an assortment of winged insects and creepy crawlies.

What pests come indoors over winter?

Spiders: While it can seem like there is no part of the year that spiders do not lurk in the corners of your home, autumn and winter is certainly worse. Spiders love crawling inside to find a lovely warm spot to make their home and to meet a companion.

Rats: Ever the opportunists, rats are always on the lookout for easy to find food and the cold weather is very likely to have them searching for a warm spot to shelter nearby.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches prefer warmer environments, so while it is unlikely you will spot one outside in the winter do be mindful that they can still thrive indoors.

Mice: Like rats, mice will love to find a nice warm spot to call home over the cold months – especially if there is a food supply at hand.

Cluster flies: Yet another pest that will come indoors while looking for a warm base over the winter months. Cluster flies will take shelter in lofts and roofs – anywhere that they hope they will not be disturbed. The main problem is that they tend to move in large numbers.

Silverfish: Like earwigs and woodlice, silverfish are attracted to warm, damp conditions and will thrive in the home year-round. If the damp in your home increases with the cold it is worth keeping an eye out for pests.

To avoid unwanted pests making their home in your house over the winter months make sure to keep doors and windows closed when possible. Also check the seals are intact and mend any cracks.

Finally, as always when it comes to pests, always make sure food is cleared away and stored securely.

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