The last thing any family wants is to find a wasps’ nest in their home – but if the telltale signs are there you need to investigate before the problem gets out of hand.




What are the signs of a wasps’ nest in your home?

The most obvious signal that you may have a wasps’ nest on your property is an increased number of wasps.

If you do spot wasps in a certain area of your home you will need to watch them closely to try to work out whereabouts in the house they are heading to. This should then direct you to the nest if there is one in your home.

When wasps have made a home in your loft you may spot wasps in the rooms underneath the loft, at the entrance to the loft and flying around the garden outside.

Obviously, it is impossible to be absolutely sure that there is a wasps’ nest in your home without actually locating it and seeing it for yourself.

In the loft, this can pose a few additional problems.

How to treat a wasps’ nest in your loft

If you suspect that the wasps in your house are as a result of a nest in your loft take great care when checking the area. The main problem with spotting wasps nests in a loft is a lack of natural light.

If you need to climb ladders to access your loft you will find yourself in close quarters with the pests so approach with caution and make sure you can leave the loft quickly if needed.

Wasps will be attracted to a light shining into the darkness so try to avoid using a torch to locate the nest. If there is a light in the loft turn this on then leave it for a few minutes to see if there is any reaction.

Wasps will behave aggressively around their nest and there is a high risk of getting stung. Wasp stings can trigger an allergic reaction so taking care not to get stung is incredibly important.

Call out pest control experts

Wasps nests have a distinctive paper-like appearance and in the loft will usually be found underneath the roof towards the edge of the loft. As soon as you spot a wasps’ nest in your loft the best advice is to contact a pest control experts who will be able to remove the nest safely.

If you continue to find large numbers of wasps in your home but are unable to locate a nest, it may be worth taking professional advice to double check the nest is not hidden from view.

Should you find a wasps’ nest in your home contact Pest Busters to take care of it for you.