Have you ever wondered what happens to all those wasps that plagued your barbecues during the summer?

The fact is, most of them will be dead but you can be rest assured that they will be back!

At the end of the summer all the worker wasps return to the nest and die with the exception of the new queens. She will survive and lay dormant for a while in small crevices somewhere in a shed, building, a loft space or they’ve even been known to stay in the folds of a curtain waiting for spring to arrive.

Once spring arrives, the queen will emerge from their winter residence and start looking for a new place to build a nest and lay their eggs. As far as we know they never return to old nests but they could return to the same locality.

The nesting period

When the queen lays her eggs they grow into a small larva. Then after about 3 weeks the adult wasp emerges from the larva to perform their duties. These duties include building and maintaining the nest, foraging for food and providing food for the yet to emerge larvae.

Towards the end of June/early July the nest is normally at its maximum size and the worker wasps will work as a team to keep the nest going.

It’s an amazing circle of life which would be even more beautiful if they didn’t ruin your alfresco dining every summer!

Practically speaking, wasp nests can be problematical especially if they’ve decided to reside in your property. Check out your loft spaces and sheds in spring to see if there is a nest forming and if you need any advice or help on Wasps Control, keep our number close to hand and give us a call.