Mice – they are the subject of books, songs and jokes, many people find them cute – that is until they make their home in your house.  

Mice are a serious household pest and many homes experience repeat invasions, which really is not cute. 

Even if you have mice in your home just once it could prompt you to ask ‘why are there mice in my house?’. 

The reasons that mice find their way into peoples homes – and try to stay there – are numerous but some factors play more of a part than others.  

Check your food hygiene when asking: ‘Why are there mice in my home? 

how to get rid of mice in houseWhile having a spotless home will not necessarily protect you indefinitely from mice, it will certainly help as the main reason a mouse will venture into your home – and stay is a supply of food.  

Food that has been left on the floor, worktops or stored incorrectly can serve as an open invitation to mice to tuck in. Of course, once they have discovered a supply of food they will stay.  

It is not only crumbs or food that has been left open that attracts mice, they can be just as happy snacking on improperly stored rubbish.  

A warm place to shelter 

As a general rule the winter sees far more reports of mice and rats in houses and this is because they are looking for a warm spot to avoid the harsh winter weather.  

If your house has hidden corners, a chaotic loft, and even just miniscule points of entry (mice only need a gap of a few millimetres often) it could provide an inviting atmosphere for a cold mouse to settle into.  

While sheds and outbuildings are also a draw for mice this is less problematic as any damage that they may cause will be limited.  

Are there mice in my home because I live close to a field? 

There is every chance that if you live near to a field your home could be on the radar of mice enjoying the outdoor life during the warmer months.  

As winter approaches mice will look for shelter – including field mice. Field mice are generally happier living in nests in fields and meadows but will look for a warm place to shelter during the colder months of the year.  

Have the number of mice increases during lockdown?  

There has been a reported rise in call outs to deal with animal infestations following the nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19. However, rather than seeing a rise in the population, this has largely been attributed to rodents having to search more in homes for food as shops, restaurants and bars closed their doors 

If you are concerned that there may be mice on your property it is important to take quick action as the problem will increase swiftly.  

Call in professional pest control at the first signs of a mouse infestation – either the signs of rat droppings, a gnawing noise or the smell of urine.  

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