Rats are a problem in all the major cities of the world and London is no exception. Since Victorian times London has been trying to control the massive increase in rat populations. The London sewer system was built in the Victorian period and this is where the problem really started. Of course, even before then during the 17th century, black rats were the cause of the bubonic plague and were a problem on London streets and across the country. However, whilst the bubonic plague is no longer a threat, rats are still a big problem and in the large cities of the world, and they are becoming bigger and bigger in size because of the amount of food that is available to them.

Rat-ControlThere is an estimated 7.5 million rats in London which is a staggering figure. The regular supply of litter, food scraps and shelter is all part of the issue that Londoners face. The amount of new building that takes place in London is also part of the problem. New foundations get dug, waste pipes are installed and sewer pipes are capped off. The failure to put in anti-rodent barriers allows rats to enter into floor voids and these become perfect nesting sites for them to nest. Once they are able to get into a property that’s when the problems can really start.

Of course, people are part of the problem here. Not discarding waste properly, allowing rats easy access to rubbish and the general food waste that is left from fast food takeaways and restaurants is the perfect environment for rats to flourish. Having stricter hygiene controls, being more careful with waste disposal and sealing off potential entry routes for rats would help this situation.

To solve a rat problem professionally you need to monitor the rats’ behaviour patterns and establish why they are using the building and how they are managing to get in. At Pestbusters we have many years experience in dealing with pest and rats control in London and the surrounding areas, so if you need any help, please do not hesitate to call us.