If you have a pest control problem it can be tempting to try and control the problem yourself but this can sometimes be foolhardy, especially when the pests in question and the methods to control them can be very dangerous. Pest control specialists have the know-how, tools, experience, training and appropriate licences to safely eliminate pest infestations so this is why pest control should be left to the professionals.

pest controlPest infestations can potentially cause health risks to you and your family as well as cause damage to your property so the sooner you call in professional help the better. Trying to save money by doing this yourself or listening to your neighbour who had a similar problem and has given you advice on how to deal with it can sometimes be a false economy. Better to pay for professional help now whilst the infestation might still be in its early stages.

Licensed Pest Control Professionals

As licensed pest control professionals, the Pestbusters team are trained to use the extremely toxic and specialist chemicals which are designed to control the populations of rats, mice, cockroaches and bed bugs in the UK. Any attempt to use these chemicals yourself could have serious consequences to your health, the health of those around you and the local environment. Under no circumstances should untrained people use these chemicals so if you have an infestation please give us a call.

Pests can be very resilient and even though you may think you have got rid of them by using a method you’ve picked up from Google or YouTube, the chances are that they will come back and sometimes in larger numbers than before. With re-occurring pest problems like this there is very often an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. An issue that you are unlikely to get to the bottom of without professional equipment and experience.

A common pest control problem is with stinging insects such as wasps. Wasps can be very hostile if their nests are threatened and they can potentially pose a serious health risk to homeowners. Wasps will swarm when the get agitated so don’t take the risk of removing a wasps nest by yourself otherwise you could end up regretting it. Call in the Pestbusters team.

In the long run using a professional pest control company to handle your pest infestation problems will be safer, more environmentally-friendly, humane and could even save you money, especially if your property is currently being damaged. For more information about Pestbusters wide range of pest control services please get in touch.