Summer may be coming to a close and the chillier weather is already starting to kick in but one of the abiding memories from a pest point of view that the summer of 2014 will be remembered for is the sheer volume of flying ants we were plagued with!

It’s certainly been a bumper year for flying ants with literally billions of them emerging all over the UK. In fact we have seen a 2331% increase on flying ants this year compared to last year which is a staggering increase.

So why has this year been so different?

Experts have put this down to the hot weather we experienced in June and July. The high temperatures we experienced in those months caused the common black garden’s ant annual summer mating ritual to happen earlier, causing billions of ants to emerge from their colonies and swarm across the country.

This has meant that we have had a longer flying ant season than usual because the conditions have been perfect for their reproduction ritual.

The impact of so many flying ants has ruined many a barbecue, put pay to lazy afternoons sunbathing in the garden and they have also invaded many a kitchen and conservatory through gaps and cracks in the brickwork!

Generally ants of any variety are more of a nuisance than a health hazard. However, if left unchecked, they can carry bacteria to your food so if they start to infest your kitchen and food cupboards then you will clearly need to do something about it.

Need help with insect control problems?

It will be interesting to see in 2015 to what extent we are plagued by flying ants again. The effect of global warming and hotter temperature than usual in late spring and early summer could see a repeat performance.

If this happens then you know who to call. Pest Busters have many years experience in dealing with ant infestations and all types of insect control problems. If you need any advice then please do not hesitate to contact us.