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With sleigh bells’ ringing, jingle bells a-rockin’ and with a certain Father Christmas making his way downtown, the festive season really is in full swing come this time of year. With lists of names to buy presents for along with food and drink to purchase, it can be easy to lose track of what it is your supposed to be doing!

One thing you may not have considered is the risk of unwanted visitors this Christmas. Whilst most people associate pests with the summer sunshine, the warmth and shelter of our homes become a much more attractive refuge for pesky lodgers at this time of year.

At PestBusters, we specialise in pest control in Birmingham and around the West Midlands and pride ourselves in the high standard of service we provide. Working both domestically and commercially, we understand the discreet and quick-action needed when dealing with pests. With years of experience dealing with domestic pests and large scale vermin, we aim to work efficiently and effectively to ensure that your problem is not only resolved, but extinguished in a controlled and professional manner.

Most pests are looking for warmth and shelter during the cold winter months which draws them towards our homes and residences.

Mice and rats can build nests in the smallest of nooks and freely roam your homes at night for food and warmth. A sure sign of their presence includes droppings or urine as well as gnaw marks in food, packaging or even surfaces.

Bed bugs are also rife around this time of year as they look to feed in order to survive the winter. Bed bugs are blood sucking insects and live in the folds of mattresses and bed frames; bites, blood spots or dead bugs are sure signs of an infestation.

But what can you do to protect your home from pests?

• Tightly seal any entry points including gaps, cracks or crevices.

• Clean your house and follow good sanitation such as washing up, cleanings surfaces, sealing leftovers and taking out waste/rubbish

• Trim branches from surrounding plants, bushes and tree to keep insects at bay.

If you think you may have infestation or would like any advice on pest control and protection, check out our website or call us free on 08000 35 1000.

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Wasps can be an intolerable and dangerous pest if they decide to nest somewhere in your home, like your loft, garage or shed. So it’s useful to know when they are likely to start nesting and how the nesting and hibernation cycle can be affected by weather. So here at PestBusters we have put together a wasp fact file to help you know when to look out for wasps and their nests.

Late September time is when wasps nest reach their maximum size and the new Queen and male wasps are produced. Nests can produce around 100 Queen Wasps every year. Mid to late April is when we begin to see wasps again as the re surface in search of food. For the first few weeks the Queen wasps are expected to fend for themselves feeding and gathering nest building materials before the worker wasps begin to join in the nest building process.

So How Does Weather Affect This Process?

The weather plays a big part in how successful the wasp season will be. If we take this year for example – wasps need a fairly cold winter to keep them deep in hibernation and ultimately safe so the freezing temperatures we endured last winter definitely helped there. When spring arrives the wasps need warm dry weather so there is plenty of food available. Our Spring started out fairly warm but then we suffered that very wet period meaning the wasps would have struggled to find food and gather nest materials. The continued mild and very wet summer we have had would have hindered the wasps’ nest building even more.

What to Look Out For:

The wasps will have been steadily building their nest throughout the summer months so this is when you should be looking out for groups of wasps around your home or garden. If they are building a nest in your loft or shed you will see them coming and going all the time taking materials to the nest site.

Around this time of year the nest will be nearing full capacity and eggs will be being laid so it’s a good time to keep a good look out for wasp nests, these won’t always be visible if you have a wasp nest you will see a constant stream of wasps coming in and out of a hole in your wall or a gap in your fascias.

If you think you have need of insect control service or a wasp nest removal then get in touch with us here at PestBusters and we can eliminate them immediately. Contact us on 08000 35 1000.

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When it comes to eliminating those pests, you need to call upon the practised professionals, the team you can trust to well and truly put an end to the little mites’ reign of terror. It’s an unfortunate situation to be caught in, terrorized by an influx of tiny insects, and the last thing you need in the middle of a veritable home invasion is a cowboy company who can’t get the job done right. That’s why we here at Pest Busters are dedicated to bringing you the most thorough, comprehensive pest-eradicating service about. When you really need rid of ‘em, call for the best pest control in West Midlands.

Here at Pest Busters, we understand your pain. We know the irritating nature of not being able to properly relax in your home, and feeling nervous about simply leaving the place unattended while you’re at work. It’s an extra level of stress that, in our busy, modern lives, we simply do not need.

As such we provide an unparalleled, exhaustive service that ensures you’ll be rid of the irritation in no time. Furthermore our control methods are tailored to BRC Standards, so you can be sure the guidelines we’re following are 100% legitimate, and designed with your convenience in mind.

The BRC Global Standards are a product safety and quality certification program that is used around the world, featuring heavily in the daily routines and compliance audits of hundreds of retailers, manufacturers and certification bodies in over 100 countries. Following their guidelines means we can bring you a service that you can trust, and that is incomparably effective.

Whether it’s rodent, insect or bird control, we have a solution for all types of problem, large or small, from the extermination of a host of freeloading rats, to the removal of a wasps nest from your attic or garden.

With a range of accreditations, many years in the industry and a dedication to ensuring your satisfaction throughout, if you’ve got a problem, if you’re troubled by scurrying and scratching in the middle of the night from your basement London, if you experience feelings of anger toward insect, rodent or bird intruders, then don’t wait another minute. Pick up the phone and call the professionals… Pest Busters.

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Summer; the perfect season to enjoy ice creams, sticky toffee treats and homemade burgers, but while these delights are the perfect addition to your day, they also attract unwanted visitors in the form of insects, specifically wasps and ants. If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in the amount of ants scurrying around your paving area, with some of them creeping indoors, then we at Pestbusters can help with insect control service throughout the Midlands.

Ants tend to colonise in the most inconvenient of places, and whether they are outdoors in force threatening the safety of your young children or they have crept through a crevice and made their home in yours – we can help. Insects are very important to our ecosystem, but it doesn’t mean they should impinge on our enjoyment and standard of living. So if your summer has been ruined by these pesky pests – give us a call.

We specialise in removing unwanted pests and rodents and have an assortment of methods up our sleeve to rid your home of these little critters.

Insect Control Methods

–    Insecticidal Sprays
–    Insect Baits
–    Insecticidal Dusts & Gels
–    Smoke Generators/Fogging
–    Insect Traps/Detectors
–    Fly Screening
–    Electric Fly Killers
–    Regular Cleaning/Housekeeping

In addition to eradicating an angry nest of ants, we can also remove the following insects from your home;

–    Moths
–    Wasps & Bees
–    Mites & Fleas
–    Cockroaches & Crickets
–    Textile Pests

You shouldn’t have to share your home or garden with unwanted pests, and if you’re playing ground is plagued by insects that prevent you from enjoying your garden or living in your home, then you should get in touch with us here at Pestbusters. We will do everything in our power to help you regain your home and garden, and let you enjoy the summer and all the additional little treats and foods which accompany it.
For more information call us today on 0800 035 10 00.

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If you attended the Food & Drink Expo 2012 between the 23rd and 25th of March, you will know that the NEC Birmingham became a celebration of mouth-watering food and drink and was bursting with fresh ideas and delectable delights to feast your eyes and taste buds upon. Why then are we, PestBusters – pest control West Midlands specialists, talking about the event? As the only way this delicious food and drink can be kept fresh and edible is by keeping pests at bay and completely out of the equation.

Our successful stand was placed at the heart of the Food & Drink Expo 2012 and exhibited to attendees that our pest control wasn’t simply about an exterminator that enters your premises to place traps or rid of pests right away, but also about products that you can implement inside or outside your property and in food preparation areas to keep pests at bay and away from your prized cooking materials.

The Food & Drink Expo 2012 saw us exhibit some of our main available products which included:

–    Fly Screen Doors: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these aluminium white or brown doors will keep out most insects, which is essential in a restaurant or food preparation environment.

–    Subterranean Bait Station: Another way to stamp out the problem is with this discreet bait station that can be placed almost anywhere.

–    Metal Bait Station: Rodents are major problems for catering companies and this market leader can be highly effective.

–    Plastic Bait Station: Inside or outside, this cost effective bait station can keep your premises fresh and clean.

–    Cobra Electronic Fly Killer Unit: You will most likely already own one of these but it could be costing you the earth. With a 70% reduction in energy consumption/carbon usage, this is the choice.

The Food Expo also saw us exhibit how we can take things a step further and tackle dangerous or persistent pests with our proactive pest control West Midlands. Rest assured though, if you didn’t go to the Expo, all you need to do is call 08000 35 1000.

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The control of pests is an important factor for homeowners and businesses alike. There are a variety of methods that you can put into place to eradicate the presence of pests and here at PestBusters we offer a range of services for all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for fly control Birmingham, wasp nest removal or bird control methods, we are confident that you will find something suitable with us. No job is too small or large for our team, and you can rest assured that regardless of your requirements, our service will always be carried out to a high standard.

When the weather begins to heat up and the summer months approach, you may notice an increase in the number of flies and whilst they play an important role in nature, they are a pest that if left can become a nuisance around your home or business property.


We have a range of fly control methods, and we can advise you on the best one for your requirements. There are also a few techniques that you can put into place yourself to lower the number of flies including cleaning bins regularly, not storing rubbish next to a building and ensuring that any food left in your property is covered.

One remedy that we are able to put into place at your property is our high quality fly screens. We are able to install these onto any number of doors, and where needed, plastic strip curtains can be introduced to regulate temperature and keep noise levels down.

All of our products meet with current health and safety legislations and they are also easily maintained, so you can rest assured that you will be provided with a long lasting solution to controlling pests.

Whether you own a number of industrial units Leicester or you are a homeowner looking for fly control Birmingham, you are sure to find something here at PestBusters. To find out more about the high quality products and services we offer, feel free to browse our website today.

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If you are experienced in technical or sales and are interested in joining our company, then please send us an email with your contact details. Pestbusters is an equal opportunities employer.

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We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. You will find all the information you require about rodent control to wasp nest removal, so if you have a pest control problem contact a member of our team today on 08000 35 1000.