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Having a pest infestation problem can present a risk to your health. There is a whole range of nasty illnesses and diseases that could come about if a pest infestation isn’t dealt with appropriately. Let’s take a quick look at some of the main ones:

Salmonella, Dysentery & Gastroenteritis – These illnesses can be caused by cockroaches contaminating your food and work surfaces if your food isn’t stored safely. The problem can be exacerbated if flies are allowed to land on food and spread the germs further. All three of these illnesses can become serious if not dealt with quickly and they lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, and severe stomach cramps. Rats or mice contaminating your food can cause these problems as well.

Hantavirus – This is pretty rare and is caused when humans come into contact with mouse or rat urine, droppings or saliva. Symptoms of Hantavirus are fever, haemorrhage and in worse case scenario, renal failure.

Weil’s Disease – This can be caused if rat or mouse urine contaminates water. It enters the body through eyes, mouth, nose, ears or cuts in the skin. Once again, this is rare and it’s more likely to happen in farm/agricultural environments. Symptoms are similar to flu but it can then escalate into far more serious damage such as meningitis or liver damage.

Pneumonia, E- Coli and Listeria – water that is contaminated by bird droppings can potentially cause e-coli and listeria. If bird droppings are allowed to accumulate and dry it can cause a dust that can bring about respiratory infections and problems such as pneumonia.

Thankfully, all of the above are quite rare and with appropriate hygiene standards they can be avoided completely. However, the severity of these illnesses illustrates the need to act quickly in the event of a pest infestation. It can be dangerous to let pest problems escalate so if you need any advice about dealing with pest control problem and how to avoid issues in the future, please get in touch. We would be happy to help.


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Effective pest control for pubs, restaurants and hotels is absolutely critical. For anybody involved in the hospitality/leisure sector, reputation is everything and there is a heavy reliance on recommendation to build success. Any negative news about problems with the kitchen being infested by pests is obviously going to be disastrous for the business so it is vital for owners to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of their operation.

The Environmental Health Office and the Food Standards Agency heavily regulate the catering and hospitality sector and the introduction of ‘Food Hygiene Ratings’ has been a wake up call for many establishments.

Pest-Control-Self-HelpPests such as rats, mice, cockroaches, fleas etc can be a big problem for commercial kitchens so it’s crucial that strict procedures are adhered to in order to avoid pest infestations. Bed Bugs and other insects are the biggest pest threats to hotels.

The transient nature of hotels with guests arriving and leaving all the time, increase the chances of bed bug and flea infestations so it pays to be proactive to try and prevent problems from happening.

At Pestbusters we can provide you with a range of early detection and prevention solutions to stop pests from becoming a big problem. We can offer you professional advice about pest prevention measures and how you can stay compliant with health and safety regulations.

Prevention is obviously better than cure but if your establishment is already suffering from pest infestation then we would advise you to contact us quickly and we will do our utmost to solve your problem swiftly and advise on how problems can be avoided in the future. Please contact us for more information.

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Rats are a problem in all the major cities of the world and London is no exception. Since Victorian times London has been trying to control the massive increase in rat populations. The London sewer system was built in the Victorian period and this is where the problem really started. Of course, even before then during the 17th century, black rats were the cause of the bubonic plague and were a problem on London streets and across the country. However, whilst the bubonic plague is no longer a threat, rats are still a big problem and in the large cities of the world, and they are becoming bigger and bigger in size because of the amount of food that is available to them.

Rat-ControlThere is an estimated 7.5 million rats in London which is a staggering figure. The regular supply of litter, food scraps and shelter is all part of the issue that Londoners face. The amount of new building that takes place in London is also part of the problem. New foundations get dug, waste pipes are installed and sewer pipes are capped off. The failure to put in anti-rodent barriers allows rats to enter into floor voids and these become perfect nesting sites for them to nest. Once they are able to get into a property that’s when the problems can really start.

Of course, people are part of the problem here. Not discarding waste properly, allowing rats easy access to rubbish and the general food waste that is left from fast food takeaways and restaurants is the perfect environment for rats to flourish. Having stricter hygiene controls, being more careful with waste disposal and sealing off potential entry routes for rats would help this situation.

To solve a rat problem professionally you need to monitor the rats’ behaviour patterns and establish why they are using the building and how they are managing to get in. At Pestbusters we have many years experience in dealing with pest and rats control in London and the surrounding areas, so if you need any help, please do not hesitate to call us.

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At Pestbusters we have the know-how, experience and training to help you with your pest control problems. For a long time we have been thinking about producing our very own pest control self-help videos to give you advice about how to prevent and deal with pest problems and we have some exciting news for you. We are about to create our first in a series of videos which will help to inform, educate and prepare you for the types of pests that are out there and how to deal with them.


Pest Control Self-HelpFeaturing our very own General Manager Darren Brough, our videos will be packed with hints and tips about how to deal with pests such as rats, mice, ants, cockroaches, wasps etc and we will give you insider tips on how best to tackle these issues.

Our aim is to make you aware of the current pest control issues we have to deal with and give you practical advice on what you can do if you face a problem. We hope you will find the videos interesting and informative and share them with friends, family and colleagues so that everybody becomes more informed.

Please watch this space….our self-help pest control videos will be coming very soon!

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The recent mice infestation at Burger King in the Birmingham Bull Ring is a great example of how mice, if given the opportunity, will take full advantage of food scraps and gather in large numbers.

Environmental health officers from Birmingham City Council discovered the infestation and the restaurant was forced to temporarily close whilst they dealt with the issue.mice infestation
Rat and Mice infestations in shopping centres are not uncommon, especially at food establishments that have been less than hygienic in their operations. Shopping centres can potentially provide warmth, shelter and a ready supply of food and that’s what makes them so popular with rodents.

Back in 2010, the Indoor Market in the Birmingham Bull Ring had problems with a mice and cockroach infestation which caused all of the 140 stalls to temporarily shut down. Suffice to say, pest infestations are very bad for business.

Act Swiftly To Eradicate Pest Problems

If you have a pest infestation at your business and it becomes common knowledge then it can have a serious impact on your reputation, how you are perceived and ultimately lose you business and good will with your customers. That is why it is crucial to act quickly if you are experiencing pest problems and do what you can to prevent them in the first place.

At Pestbusters we have many years experience in helping businesses eradicate pest problems from their buildings and advising on how problems can be avoided in the future. If you think that you may have a pest problem at your premises and need professional advice on how best to deal with it then please contact us now.

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Rats are incredibly resourceful creatures and they only need a gap of about 1cm and they can push their way through the tiniest of spaces. They are well known for entering sheds and getting into integral garages and if you have gaps in your brickwork then they can potentially enter direct into your home. There have also been cases where rats have used cat flaps to enter homes and also through the u-bends in toilets which demonstrates just how creative they can be when they are seeking shelter!

rat problemsAnd shelter is exactly what motivates them – shelter and food. Rats are looking for somewhere comfortable to live where they can get easy access to food so this is why your home is very inviting to them.

So are there any simple precautions you can take to avoid rat problems?

Well, the simple answer to that is yes, there are certain practical measures for rat control that you can take to stop them from being a problem in your home or garden.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Remove any food sources
  • Make sure your bins are secure and closed
  • Only use squirrelproof bird feeders
  • Don’t leave pet bowls outside with water in them
  • Keep anything they can access in tight sealable containers
  • Make sure that any broken air bricks are fixed
  • Seal up small gaps around doors and in brickwork
  • Repair any roof damage and use wire mesh to seal gaps
  • Use tight fitting grates or screens to cover drains

If you have a persistent rat problem then we would always advise calling in professionals such as Pestbusters to eradicate the problem for you. We can also give you plenty of advice about how you can avoid rat infestations in the future. Please get in touch if you need any help.