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Mice are one of the most commonly found pests in homes all over the UK. Even though they are more common in urban areas, it is not unusual to find them in more rural areas as well. One of the ways to keep your home safe from mice is to find out how they are entering the home in the first place. As the old saying goes- prevention is better than cure.

Typically, mice will enter the home by finding holes and cracks in the foundations of the building, floors and walls. Usually, homeowners are not able to identify these cracks and holes until they notice that their home has already been invaded by mice. Despite the fact that they are small, mice have a specific body shape and they are very flexible which means that they have the ability to go through small holes. So, many homeowners leave the holes they have noticed because they believe that mice can’t go through them. Well, unfortunately they are wrong!


Another method that mice use to enter our homes is through gaps found in ceilings and windows and through sewer lines. If drainage pipes are not sealed in a proper way, mice can enter the home via bathtub drains and sinks. There are also many cases when mice use holes found in oven gas lines and plumbing to enter homes.

Although people report mice sightings throughout the year, it is usually the autumn months when temperatures go down when homeowners witness mice infestation. If a colony of mice gets inside a building and gets a warm and safe place and access to food, they will stay there during the cold months. Mice will proliferate very fast and it takes just a few months for a colony to spread to over 200 or more.

If you want to make sure that mice will stay away from your home, you must seal the holes and cracks that you find in your property. In addition, every window and doors must be sealed effectively too. If you are experiencing a mice infestation and need professional advice, please contact us now.

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Many people can’t tell the difference between rats and mice. Lots of people think that mice are just baby rats or young rats. In fact, there are languages across the world in which the word “rat” is used for both animals. Even though they look similar, the fact is that there are many differences between them. There are dozens of mouse and rat species, but the fact is that there are two species that are most frequently found inside or our around our homes – the common rat which is also called brown rat or sewer rat and the house mouse. When it comes to rodents in residential areas, 95% of the sightings are actually mice, not rats.


The reason why it is important to determine whether you have problems with mice or rats is simple – there are different methods of treatment. Generally speaking, rats are a more serious problem and their presence is an indicator that there may be something wrong with your home that needs addressing (malfunctioning plumbing or drainage system etc.).

Let’s compare these two rodents and highlight the differences. To start with, an average mouse weighs half an ounce or around 15 grams while an average adult rat weighs 11 ounces or around 300 grams. Obviously, rats are longer too and they grow up to 10 inches or 25 cm while mice grow up to 4 inches or 9 cm. Even though mice have long tails (between 3 and 5 inches), rats have longer tails (between 6 and 8 inches).

The colour of the fur is another difference between these rodents. Rats have a brown to black colour with their body and upper head while their undersides are a little bit lighter. Mice have brownish gray fur all over the body even though some of them have lighter shades in different parts of their body.

Finally, rats eat almost anything – they are omnivorous. They also need to consume water on a regular basis. Mice prefer cereals although they can eat other foods too. Mice don’t need water on a regular basis because the amount found in the food is usually sufficient for them.

If you have a rodent infestation and need advice on how to deal with it, please contact us now.



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In order to get rid of fruit flies, you must first learn how to identify them. Their most notable characteristic is their distinctive red eyes. These flies are about 30% smaller than house flies – they are about 1/8 inches long. When it comes to the colour of their body, they come in a wide range of colours starting from yellow all the way to tan colours.

fruit fly

If you want to eliminate fruit flies without calling in the experts, you must have adequate sanitation. By doing this, you will cut their breeding sources. So, start by cleaning your bins and make sure that they have very tight lids. All fruits that are ripe must be placed in the fridge or consumed. Get proper drainage to avoid additional moisture. It is also a good idea to use screens on your home’s or building’s’ openings. Re-grouting tiles in the kitchen and bathroom can also solve this problem because by doing this you’ll reduce or completely stop water leakage. Finally, look for natural cleaners that can eliminate grease accumulation, this is especially useful in cases of commercial kitchens.

Keep in mind that fruit flies are just one of the types of small flies that are often found in kitchens, but not all of them use the same breeding sources. Fruit flies, as their name suggests, are found close to veggies and fruits – rotten or fresh. These flies can also be found flying around rubbish and organic matter.

Many people say that specially designed fly traps for fruit flies have helped them. They have a special scent that lures fruit flies in and traps them. Of course, you can always prepare a DIY fruit fly trap. Those who have a serious problem with these flies can use insecticide aerosols. Since these products contain chemicals, you must be very careful if you are spraying in enclosed spaces. There are some environmental-friendly fly products available too. You can also use drain treatments because they often use these areas to reproduce.

If everything else fails, you can call experts such as Pestbusters to help you. If you’re having problems with any type of fly infestation, please contact us now.

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Flies are one of the most annoying pests that can be found in almost every business and home in the UK throughout the year. Of course, they are especially active during the summer period. There are many fly species out there, but some of them are more common than the others. By learning more about these widespread species, people can also learn how to prevent them from entering their businesses and homes.

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Bluebottle fly

Bluebottle fly, or blow fly as some people call it, is a type of fly usually found close to dustbins. They are fond of feasting on dead animals and pet faeces and this is the reason why they can be dangerous because of the different diseases they carry.

Autumn fly

This is another common fly in the UK. They love flying around cattle and horses and, in most cases, they gather around their eyes or other parts of the face. They feed themselves from the saliva, nasal mucus and tears of animals. During the night they are inactive and usually stay in buildings. The female autumn flies look almost the same as the regular house fly and they are very powerful fliers.

Cluster flies

These flies are often found living in isolated places within homes like wall voids or attics. They look for warm areas where they can hibernate during the winter months. There are many cases when cluster flies gather in groups and stay on the windows when the weather is sunny in winter. As soon as the temperatures warm up, they come alive and can become an unsightly nuisance.

Fruit fly

As expected, fruit flies can often be found on fruits or places where fermenting leftovers in veggie plots and pubs are found. They are quite small (3 mm) and have distinctive red eyes. They breed in rotten fruit and in dirty drains.

House fly

This is the type of fly that we all know. These flies carry many different diseases and they can live in almost any building. They are fond of human food, animal feed, pet food, food waste and animal faeces.

If you are experiencing a problem with flies and need advice on the best course of action to take, please contact us now.

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Mice and rats are very common pests in both urban and rural areas. Despite the fact that people have been dealing with rodents for hundreds of years now, there are still many myths related to them. In order to control rodents, it is crucial to be able to separate the facts from myths. This is why we have created a short list of 5 myths about rodents.

1. Chewing damage is the main issue related to rodents

Whilst it is true that there are cases where property damage caused by mice and rats is very high, it is also true that the health risks linked to rodents are much worse. After all, you can always fix the damage in your home or office caused by rodents and you can do this in a matter of days, but there are many diseases and health problems caused by rodents that are difficult to heal. These rodents can pollute food and spread different diseases. Trichinosis, leptospirosis and salmonella are some of the parasites and viruses carried by rats.

2. The perfect rodent trap bait is cheese

The truth is that professionals in this field usually use fruit, meats and chocolate. Mice like cheese, but they
prefer these foods. They even like seeds more than cheese. If you are living in an area where the climate is dry, moist foods can serve as perfect baits.

3. Mice and rats leave the structure once they consume rat poison

This is another myth. Most of the rat poisons don’t cause any radical changes in rats before they die. In addition, it takes a few days after the consumption before they die. The most common place where poisoned rodents die is in their burrows or nests.

4. Rodent infestation is always linked to poor sanitation

If there is a proper sanitation in the building, the chances of rodent infestation will be reduced, but this doesn’t mean that perfectly clean businesses and homes can’t witness the emergence of rats and mice.

5. Rats and mice chew solid materials to sharpen their teeth

Rodents have the ability to sharpen their teeth by grinding their teeth against each other. The reason why they chew almost everything around them is to collect materials for making nests.
For all your rat and mice control problems, please contact Pestbusters now.

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When people notice the presence of a single ant in their kitchen for the first time they are not unduly alarmed. However, when that turns into two, three, four and more then it becomes a bit more worrying. Anyone who has experience with ants know that they can quickly become a serious problem. They can contaminate the food, damage the fabric of your kitchen and generally become a real nuisance. Even though the elimination of ants may seem a difficult activity, the fact is that there are some repellent options that are simple and effective.


To start with, you will need to monitor their movement. They have a path which they tend to follow so this shouldn’t be very difficult. After a while, you will be able to identify the entry points used by ants. Once you have done this, you will need to block these points to stop their entry and then ideally look for their nest and use an established ant killing spray/chemicals.

The presence of a single ant in your home is just a sign that more of them will follow. They are social insects and they don’t live alone. They also use a trail so if you have eliminated them, it is a good idea to use a mop to cleanse the trail thoroughly, so other ants can’t use the same trail again. They have a strong sense of smell and they use it to travel.

If you just want to repel other ants from coming to your kitchen, you can use soapy water for this purpose. Take one capful of water and liquid hand soap and pour it in a spray bottle. Shake to create a mixture and spray the solution directly on the ants whenever you notice some of them.

In addition, you can also use a mixture of four cups of water and one cup of lemon juice to wipe the affected areas and possible entry points. The aroma and scent will make ants stay away from these areas.

Some people also use herbs and spices to protect their kitchen from ants. Garlic, chili peppers, black pepper, mint leaves and cayenne pepper have proven to be efficient natural repellents.

Some ant infestations are more difficult to deal with and the nests can be hard to locate. If you’re experiencing an ant infestation and all your efforts have failed, then give us a call. We have dealt with hundreds of ant infestations and we are confident that we can help you.

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Spring has finally arrived. If you are like most people then you probably enjoy this season, but you should be aware that spring can sometimes be a pain because this is the period when many pests become very active!

In light of this, spring is the perfect time to take some measures to eliminate insects and prevent their occurrence. You should always take actions whenever you notice even one pest because you definitely don’t want to deal with an infestation later. Prevention is always better than cure, so start doing this today and protect your property from infestation.


First of all, ants start to emerge in the spring in large numbers. As we have already mentioned, it is better to spot them earlier and prevent their spreading. Luckily, ants are not that small and you can easily detect them. Another thing about ants is that the fact that they can be eliminated quickly and with the help of some traditional methods used against pests, you can soon bring an ant problem under control.

Although there are some homes that are never visited by ants, we can’t say this about flies. These annoying pests appear literally everywhere. Once the weather becomes warmer they will become very active and while it is true that they can’t be completely eliminated, it is also true that they can be controlled. If you clean your home regularly and keep food stored appropriately, flies will probably look for another place to thrive.

Spring is the period of the year when another common urban pest is activated – cockroaches. If you clean the home on a regular basis you should be able to prevent their emergence. Mopping the floors and using the vacuum cleaner to get rid of leftovers is always a good idea. They are fond of living under cupboards and cookers and where the trash is kept. They particularly like greasy areas so having a good cleaning routine in your kitchen is a must.

If you are experiencing a pest infestation and need professional advice about the best way to deal with the problem, please contact us now.

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Spring is the favourite season of the year for many people. The weather is warmer but not too hot and nature starts to wake up. However, this is also the time of the year when we can see all the dirt and dust that has accumulated in our home during the dark winter days. It is not unusual to notice spider-webs and other signs of the presence of insects. Early spring is the period when insects are still in that dormant stage and that’s why acting now, could prevent problems later.


One of the first things that you should do is to fill any gaps and cracks found in walls and floors. These cracks are perfect hideouts for many bugs and especially for silverfish, who can be very active at night. If you have any potted flowers and plants on the floor in your home, now is the right time to remove them and place them higher. Millipedes and centipedes often like to come into the home and they can live right under the pot where the temperature is higher and there is more humidity in the air.

We should not forget bed bugs can commonly be found in our bedrooms. Any linen should be washed thoroughly and you should also use the vacuum cleaner tools to clean your mattress. Bed bugs can also be found in curtains so wash the curtains too. If you have any rugs that were used intensively during the winter, this is the perfect time to dust them out. In this way you will avoid fleas, especially if you have a dog or cat in your home.

Cockroaches are one of the nastiest bugs. They are attracted by the food we eat so your kitchen is a perfect environment for them. Cockroaches can live off small crumbs of food for weeks so the best option is to thoroughly clean the kitchen, remove any food debris that may have gathered under cupboards, microwave etc and keep any food securely stored.

A good spring clean now can stop pest infestations from happening so it’s worth making the effort!

For more advice about avoiding pest problems, please contact us now.

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There are many people who think that only dirty and filthy buildings attract rats, but that’s simply not the case. There are several situations in which rats are found in clean and neat homes and gardens. The reason for this is simple – rats need shelter, warmth and food. If these criteria are met, they can live anywhere.

Rats and mice must be controlled because they are disease carriers and they can cause significant damage to any type of building. Proper cleanliness and housekeeping is the best way to save your property from rat infestation. Another good tip is to secure any place in your home or garden that can be used as a nesting location to stop them from coming. This could mean sealing off any gaps or holes that you have in your brickwork.

In addition, don’t forget that if you place food in your garden for squirrels and birds. that you may be attracting rats too so be mindful of this when you are creating food stations. All these tips are useful for homeowners with their own property, but what happens if you see rats in your neighbour’s garden?

rat problems

If you only notice one rat in the garden of your neighbour then there’s no need to panic. Rats often pass through gardens when they are on the hunt for food. To reiterate, if you or your neighbour are leaving food for birds and squirrels it is very likely that some rats will come to see what’s going on as well!

However, if you see rats in your neighbour’s garden more than once and in numbers more than one you should definitely talk to them. They might have already taken certain measures which you are not aware about or they may not know that this problem actually exists. If they don’t know how and why they should deal with rats, then there are plenty of websites and articles that you can point them to so that they can understand what a potentially damaging problem this really is.

If they still don’t act and they are not interested in bringing in pest control experts the final step is to contact the local authorities and make them aware of the situation.

For more advice about rat problems, please contact us now.

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There are many different types of pests that live in both urban and rural areas, but according to official statistics the brown rat and the house mouse are the most common ones. If your home or garden is infested with these pests then you need to take action. Here are just some of the reasons why you need to control rat and mice infestations.

mouse in hole in wall

To start with, we must consider the risk of diseases. Numerous studies have shown that rats carry many different kinds of diseases and some of them are lethal to humans. We all know that rats caused the devastating bubonic plague in the 17th century. In addition, rats are carriers of many dangerous organisms like salmonella. Their urine also contains compounds that cause Weil’s disease.

In addition, mice and rats can also cause lots of damage. They have teeth that need to be sharpened all the time, so they bite and chew everything that gets in their way. They can cut walls and cables and cause expensive problems.

If you leave them without taking any action, you risk infestation. One female rat can give birth to up to 60 rats in one year. These are just some of the reasons why home-owners and businesses must report the presence of rats and mice to pest control experts so that the necessary treatments can be implemented to get rid of them.

Some of the most common places where rats and mice are found include places close to food sources and warm places. Buildings that are connected to the house, garages, sheds and farm buildings are some of their favourite locations.

If you believe that you may have a rat or mice infestation and are not sure what action to take, then please contact Pestbusters now and we will investigate the problem for you.