Rats and mice are opportunist shelter seekers so decking can certainly tick the boxes in what they are looking for.  

It’s outdoors, they are unlikely to be disturbed and if it’s underneath an outdoor table, they might even discover a free source of food. 

That doesn’t mean that you should start to plan a new look for your garden though – decking is very popular and looks great. Instead take some precautions to keep domestic pests, such as rats and mice out and be alert to the potential problems. 

Rats under decking 

rats under deckingThe first time you become aware that you have a problem, could be when you hear tell-tale scraping and rustling under the boards of your decking as you enjoy relaxing in the garden.  

Preferring to keep a low profile, rats are not often seen in the daylight, although you may well be alerted to the problem with the shock of spotting a rat in your garden.  

If you have heard suspicious sounds coming from underneath your decking – or have spotted a rodent wandering through your garden – it is worth looking for other signs of a rodent problem 

Check around the decking for any signs that a rat may have got underneath, such as gaps, holes or where it looks as though the soil has been burrowed into. 

Also scour the area looking for rat droppings to help indicate that there is a rat or mouse under the decking. 

How to get rid of rats under decking 

Once you know, or believe, that you have rats or mice under your decking call in professional pest help as soon as possible.  

Rats and mice multiply quickly and are known to carry and spread disease.  

A pest control team, such as Pest Busters, will be able to help you identity whether you have a problem and to put the appropriate measures in place to deal with the rats or mice that have made their home under your decking.  

Can I stop rats getting under my decking? 

Keeping rats and mice out is notoriously tricky as they can slip through the smallest gaps. There are however preventative measure that you can take to minimise the risk.  

Instead of leaving your decking open underneath and around the edges, make sure that the bottom is sealed, either as part of the construction or by adding wire or mesh.  

It could also be worth running mesh underneath the decking boards themselves if there are reasonable gaps between the boards.  

Practising good food hygiene is essential to keeping rats and mice at bay, as it is food scraps that will attract them in the first place – and keep them coming back. 

If you are having a barbeque, catch any scraps and clear up afterwards, likewise always ensure the area is clean and free of food after dining al fresco. Try to avoid food dropping between the decking.  

Enjoying your home and garden is important so take action to get rid of rats under your decking at the first sign of a problem.  

Pest Busters offer pest control services and advice in and around the West Midlands.  

If you suspect you may have a rat under your decking contact Pest Busters for help as soon as possible.  

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