wasp control Birmingham local pest removalSummer pests can be, well… a real pest. No sooner have you opened the windows to enjoy the warm summer air before a bevy of winged insects descend on your kitchen.

Wasps, flies and fruits flies all love the tastes of summer, or perhaps that should more specifically be, they love all the rapidly decaying fruit and vegetables.

While the idea of al fresco dining is what summer evenings are all about, flies and wasps can turn a pleasurable experience into a fly-swatting nightmare. The kids scream as wasps hover dangerously close to their apple juice while you turn back to discover a fly happily sitting on your burger. Not a recipe for the most relaxing evening.

And that is only outside. Wasps and flies will, of course, also make their ways indoors to continue terrifying children and exercising squatters’ rights on any rogue crumbs or leftover sandwiches that happen to have been left on the side for a nano-second.

Then there are fruit flies. Lured in by the rapid ripening of fruit in the summer months, once fruit flies have found a good food source they will only grow in numbers. Before you know it the odd fruit fly will transform into a cloud of fruit flies every time you move an apple out of the fruit bowl or open the bin.

The key to managing summer household pests is swift action – knowing when to call in the help of Birmingham pest services and when to shut the doors, re-house the fruit and have a frantic clean up.

How can Birmingham pest services help with summer pests?

pest control Birmingham removal of insectsThere is every chance that, if caught quickly enough, you will be able to deal with summer pests yourself by:

Removing the food source – this could be several areas, but make sure the bin is clean and airtight; empty and clean the fruit bowl and store fruit and vegetables in a cupboard until the problem has passed; and have a thorough clean of food and eating areas.

Control entry points – This is easier said than done in the warm weather, but if wasps are flying in through a particular window attracted to a smell indoors leave that window or door closed.

Try home deterrents – citronella candles are reported to help deter flying insects, while fly screens could help by adding an extra barrier.

However, it is important that you are also able to identify when you have a real problem on your hands that needs the help of a Birmingham pest services specialist.

Unusually large numbers of wasps in and around the home could signal a wasps’ nest on the property, while it is very easy for fruit fly infestations to grow out of control.

If you do suspect that you have a problem with a particular summer pest call in help from Birmingham pest services as soon as possible.

Pest Busters is a Birmingham pest service that can help out in a wide variety of situations. If you have a concern about a pest in your home contact us to find out how we can help.


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