Mice removal from loft in Birmingham West Midlands UKThere are few things more disconcerting than hearing the sound of scratching and gnawing above your head as you try to sleep, which makes an early call to pest control Birmingham a priority.

Fast action is imperative in tackling an unwanted pest in your attic to stop the problem in its tracks – and restore your sleep.

A number of pests are known to make their homes in lofts of houses around the UK, namely rats, mice, squirrels, bats and birds.

Identify what is living in your loft with pest control Birmingham

Bird removal from loft in Birmingham UKWhat pest is in your loft does make a difference to how serious the problem is and the best way to remedy it.

Any pest that has got into your loft is an opportunist that has made the most of even just the tiniest gap to enjoy the warmth and shelter you roof provides.

Calling in help from pest control Birmingham at the first signs of a problem will be a massive step in helping to keep it contained.  As pest control experts, Pest Busters will want to identify what species is in the loft and will explain how this affects you.


Rats are a real problem if they get into your home. Carrying disease, causing damage and breeding quickly, fast and effective action is needed to remove and then block rats from Squirrel removal in Birmingham, West Midlands UKyour home.


Once they have found a cosy spot in your home squirrels will be extremely reluctant to leave. Not only are they noisy they will damage the area by gnawing materials.


Surprisingly noisy for such small creatures, mice will destroy belongings, electrical cables and structures through gnawing. With the potential to breed quickly, fast action is again vital.


Birds can be tricky to get rid of as they are protected by law making it an offence to disturb their nest. The best option is to wait until the end of the nesting season, have any debris professionally removed and block access.

Bat removal from loft in Birmingham West MidlandsBats

The laws surrounding bats are even stricter and as a protected species it is illegal to damage, disturb or block access to roosting areas. You will need to seek specialist advice.

A pest in your attic will not go away on its own so to preserve your sleep – and peace of mind – get in touch with pest control Birmingham to tackle the problem as quickly as possible.

Pest Busters offers a comprehensive pest control service in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. If you are concerned that you may have a pest in your attic contact us immediately.


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