It’s spider time! What to do about autumn’s unwanted household pests

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spider removal - pest control services

The beginning of autumn is a fantastic time to enjoying snuggling up inside – unfortunately, spiders have the same idea, which makes this time of year peak spider-spotting territory. A recent survey, which asked people across the country to record the time and date they saw spiders in their house has pinpointed evenings in September… Read more »

Pest Control Services You Might Need In Winter

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Pest Control Services

Pest control tends to be a year-round requirement and just because the winter is here and the cold weather is kicking in, it doesn’t mean that pests are not there. On the contrary, winter can be a very busy time for commercial pest control. Typically the types of pest problems you see in winter include;… Read more »

Where do all the wasps go in autumn?

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Have you ever wondered what happens to all those wasps that plagued your barbecues during the summer? The fact is, most of them will be dead but you can be rest assured that they will be back! At the end of the summer all the worker wasps return to the nest and die with the… Read more »

Why were we plagued by so many flying ants this year?

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Summer may be coming to a close and the chillier weather is already starting to kick in but one of the abiding memories from a pest point of view that the summer of 2014 will be remembered for is the sheer volume of flying ants we were plagued with! It’s certainly been a bumper year… Read more »

How to Control Ants

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As soon as spring arrives and starts to awaken flowers and plants there is another creature that starts to awaken and that’s the ant! Slowly but surely ants start to emerge and then by the summer they can be found in their thousands. This is as nature intended but if they start to appear in… Read more »

How Does the Weather Affect Wasps Nests?

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Wasps can be an intolerable and dangerous pest if they decide to nest somewhere in your home, like your loft, garage or shed. So it’s useful to know when they are likely to start nesting and how the nesting and hibernation cycle can be affected by weather. So here at PestBusters we have put together a wasp… Read more »