Why should you call in pest control in Birmingham?

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Pest Control in Birmingham

You’re fairly certain you have pests in your home – you’ve heard scratching, spotted the signs of an insect infestation or have even seen an unwelcome visitor scurry past – and now you are wondering what to do next.   The sensible answer is always to call pest control experts in Birmingham, however, some people may be tempted to… Read more »

How To Keep Pests Out This Autumn

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Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy our homes – they’re not too hot as they usually are in the summer, but they’re also not freezing cold where you need to blast the heating all day. It’s a perfect temperature to enjoy the season – but it’s also perfect for pests too! A drop in… Read more »

What Pest Services Do You Need This Christmas?

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The festive frost is well and truly here and we can all be forgiven for not wanting to leave the warmth and comfort of our homes. Whilst we are snuggled up with our blankets on the sofa, you may not realise but you are not the only one looking for shelter this Christmas. Many types… Read more »

Keep Those Pesky Pests at Bay This Winter

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With sleigh bells’ ringing, jingle bells a-rockin’ and with a certain Father Christmas making his way downtown, the festive season really is in full swing come this time of year. With lists of names to buy presents for along with food and drink to purchase, it can be easy to lose track of what it… Read more »