Spring clean to help keep your home pest-free

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Rodent Control by Pestbusters

A golden rule to help keep your home free from pests is to keep it clean and spring, of course, is the perfect time for cleaning. Spring cleaning is not just a good time to make sure everywhere is spic and span but is a good chance to look out or any potential signs of… Read more »

Don’t let moths take a bite out of your fabrics

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Quips about old clothes looking moth-eaten are plentiful – but if you are unlucky to have suffered a moth infestation in your home you will know it is not a laughing matter. And unfortunately, it is not just old clothes that moths – or more specifically their larvae – will devour, new clothes, carpets and… Read more »

Why are wasps such a pest in the autumn?

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wasps in loft

The sunshine and alfresco dining of the summer months make us all too aware of the presence of wasps and bees – and the threat of getting stung. But it is the arrival of autumn that reminds us of when wasps really are at their most annoying. No doubt you will have encountered some of… Read more »