Pest Control Services in Nottingham

Pestbusters provide professional pest control and rodent control services across Nottingham. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we offer specialist services in all aspects of rat control, vermin control, bird control, insect control and rodent control throughout Nottingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and the East Midlands.

Who are Pestbusters?

Pestbusters provide professional pest control services for the residents and business owners of Nottingham. We operate throughout Nottinghamshire, and our clients include homeowners, business owners, retail premises, schools, factories, leisure centres and a wide variety of commercial and industrial properties. For advice about your pest control problems, then please contact us now.

Our highly committed team of pest control specialists, state of the art equipment and products, and our expertise enables us to offer our customers high-quality service at affordable prices. We have worked on several pest control problems across Nottingham and the surrounding area, and we have many satisfied customers who have benefitted from our first-class services. If you are looking for a highly professional and reliable team to deal with your pest infestation problem, Pestbusters can help you.

We have worked on numerous pest control problems, including complex jobs where there has been limited space and issues with gaining access. From removing wasp’s nests or dealing with an extensive ant infestation in your property to eradicating a rodent problem at your business premises or birds in your loft, we can work on your job no matter how large or small.

Why use pest control?

A pest infestation can be a real nuisance and highly disruptive and potentially unhealthy, environmentally damaging and costly for your business. We advise you to address the problem as soon as possible to minimise any damage. The sooner you call us in, the sooner we can locate the problem and implement a solution that will make you pest-free again.

Nottingham is regarded as the commercial hub of the East Midlands, and it is well known for its association with the Robin Hood legend and its historical links with the lace and bicycle industries. Today Nottingham is now primarily a service-based economy with strong pharmaceutical, biotechnology and creative sectors. Nottingham also receives over 300,000 international visitors every year, attracted by the city’s shopping, history and nightlife. Pestbusters has been serving the local community of Nottingham for many years with high-quality pest control services. We have built an excellent reputation in the industry for the quality of our work.

If you are based in and around Nottingham, Heanor, Ilkeston, Eastwood, Beeston, West Bridgford, Hucknall, Mansfield or Newark on Trent and need advice about a pest infestation problem, then please contact us.

We provide extensive and affordable pest control and rodent control service, so contact us now on 08000 35 1000 and speak to one of our team of specialists.

Services Offered – Pest Control In Nottingham

We deal with all types of pets that might be in your home or business property, and these include:

  • Rat Removal, Mice & Vermin Control
  • Beg Bug Control
  • Wasp and Bee Nest Removal
  • Wildlife Control
  • Bird and Fly Control Services
  • Ant Control

Local Pest Control Services In Nottingham

The city has a variety of pest control services that you can choose from, but as your local Nottingham pest control service company we offer 24-hour emergency assistance apart from working 7 days a week. Even on bank holidays when other service providers are off we can still come to your home or business premises. Our team of qualified technicians are ready to assist you and it does not matter whether yours is a domestic pest problem or a business premise pest issue needing urgent but affordable assistance. If you are in Nottingham, Derby, Leicestershire or surrounding areas we guarantee to be available to help you within the most reasonable time possible with quality assured service to leave you pest free.

Domestic Pest Control

Our pest control service includes the same day visit to your home to assess the problem before deciding on the best solution that will leave you with peace of mind. Our qualified team is discreet and will work to your satisfaction regardless of the pest problem you have. For domestic pest control, we deal with pests like;

  • Fleas
  • Mice
  • Bedbugs
  • Bees
  • Spiders
  • Squirrels
  • Rodent infestations
  • Ants
  • Termites

Your safety is our priority; hence, we will evaluate all options available before choosing any effective method to deal with your pest problem.

Commercial Pest Control

If you are running a school or hotel or any other business, having any pests can ruin your business and reputation, so for your peace of mind. We have made our expert pest control services available for you and solutions that will leave you satisfied.

Our initial inspection strategy is also extended to business premises to determine the space and level of infestation and develop the right treatment. We also deal with bat and bird problems from the common pests that migrate from homes to offices and offer Pigeon proofing for free if you have worked with us before.

Our team is available for same-day visits for assessment and will offer free advice to avoid future pest mishaps if you are around Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Should You Need Pest Control Service, we offer

mouse and Pest control

Mice & Vermin Control

Apart from being a nuisance to see as they run around the house or under the chairs, vermin are also a health risk needing expert services to be fully dealt with. You can call us today, and our team of experts will deal with the unwelcome guests in your house and leave you feeling safe from these disease-carrying pests. If you have noticed droppings, urine or tail drags around the cabinets or drawers, don’t hesitate to seek our assistance.

Rat Removal

As with Mice, Rats are disgusting to have around and can damage your property; infestation should not be left until it’s too late; we are only a call away. Our qualified pest technicians can use various methods to deal with the problem, guaranteeing results and safety for you, our customer. We have green and family-friendly pest control options available to you depending on how much you want to spend on the pest problem.

Rodent Removal

If you notice any sign of Rodents in your house, garden, or office, you need to call us today, and we will get rid of these uninvited guests in your home and garden. Not only do they breed fast, but they can quickly destroy property at a fast rate and should not be treated lightly. Our Rodent service control programme includes a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to all customers in Nottingham and nearby areas.

Wasp Nest Removal

If you or your child have seen any wasp net or suspecting having one nearby, call us to remove it as wasps are dangerous and must be dealt with by experts. Our Wasp treatment service is one of our cheapest for as low as £60, and proofing against future problems is offered for free for both domestic and commercial customers.

Bird Control Systems

While we are environmentally friendly, we know birds can sometimes become a big problem and make your surroundings untidy with their droppings. Our treatment will leave you satisfied and keep environmental campaigners off our backs as we deal with this problem as humanely as possible.

Why do I need pest control?

They won’t be sharing rent money with you, but pests can easily make your home theirs and leave you feeling unwelcomed. As a homeowner or company owner, you should not feel dread going back to your room or the office; that’s why you need a high-quality pest control company offering its services at a reasonable price. We make it our business to help you save money, stay healthy from pest problems.

What are the 4 types of pests?

Rodents include rats and mice; these can easily enter your house through cracks or holes and carry diseases; these make up the first type of pests

The second group covers various insects that include Bees, Wasps, and ticks and can be dangerous when they bite.

Vermin is another group of pests and includes Cockroaches that often hide in cracks and crevices but are challenging to control as they eat almost anything.

Birds fall into the last category and include Pigeons, Sparrows, and Gull to make nests within commercial areas and homes.

What are the 3 methods of pest control?

There are a few ways of getting rid of pests in your home or office, from DIY pest control methods to chemical pest control methods that can vary on the type and the extent of the pest problem.

Pest proofing and using baits and traps are the most common pest control method and can get rid of existing pests and stop infestations from developing.

You can also use other animals to help you get rid of pests like rats, mice and birds by owning a cat or dog, though to avoid fleas and ticks, your pet must be washed regularly.

Lastly, you can contact a team of qualified pest control experts to use chemicals to get rid of pest problems faster and more efficiently if applied by the right technicians.