Ants can be a big problem for Birmingham homes and businesses. Not only are they annoying, but they can also damage property, contaminate food and create an unsightly mess. So what should you do if you see ants near your home or business? Call Pest Busters, of course!

Using our ant control services in Birmingham, customers across the city have found their properties free from these tiny pests. We offer a complete solution to ensure that any problems caused by these small pests are rapidly dealt with by one of our expert technicians before causing further damage or inconvenience.

For people living in Birmingham who are plagued by ants, it’s essential to find out why they’re entering your building. They are often attracted by a food source, so keeping floors clear from crumbs is a great place to start. But once you have ants in or near your property, getting rid of them without professional help is going to be an uphill struggle.

Ant control in Birmingham

Pest Busters specialises in all forms of pest removal, including insects such as ants. We have the tools and expertise to track down where they’re nesting or coming from. We have all the latest technology to pinpoint where these pests are getting in and putting a stop to it quickly.

Offering complete ant control solutions in Birmingham, customers can also take advantage of our quick response times. In a commercial setting, swift intervention is essential to ensure minimal downtime. In a domestic situation, a fast response that addresses the problem at its core can prevent further issues from developing.

In addition to ants control in Birmingham, we also offer a complete ant prevention service to ensure that customers are better protected against these pests. We can help you identify risk factors that would increase the chances of ants entering your property and put measures to stop them.

How to determine if you have an ant problem

Spotting the presence of ants can be difficult as they can nest in places out of sight. If you spot one or two ants in your home or business, always investigate the problem as they could be nesting in your floors or walls. Look out for the following signs:

  • An infestation of ants is usually detectable by seeing them clustering around food sources.
  • Ants may also be seen in a line formation and may leave a sawdust trail.
  • Ants that are nesting in your walls or floors may make a rustling sound.
  • Piles of dirt are another common sign that ants are building a nest.
  • With the proper treatment, ants can be removed entirely and prevented from returning. If you suspect you have ants in your home, get in touch with Pest Busters today.

Methods to remove ants

For minor infestations, a professional can use an ant powder to kill off the ants where they are nesting. Using a gel treatment makes it easier for a specialist technician to target these pests more directly. Another method is using bait, which helps prevent reproduction and stops the ants from spreading throughout your building or home.

We can also advise on measures to help avoid ants in future. This could include sealing food packages, cleaning up spillages as soon as they happen, and paying close attention to spaces under fridges, cookers and dishwashers. These can harbour sticky messes and food crumbs that ants love. Find out how Pest Busters can end your ant invasion today.